Dead Air KeyMicro Adapter DA451

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Dead Air KeyMicro Adapter

Now you can have the same proven mounting technology of the KeyMo System found in Dead Air's Sandman Series of silencers on silencers like the Dead Air Ghost, Wolf, and Wolfman.

The KeyMicro Adapter in conjunction with the Dead Air Micro Brake gives you even more mounting options. The KeyMicro Adapter differs from the Key-Mo adapter and allows you to add a "Quick Disconnect" system to Dead Air silencers that previously did not accept KeyMo mounts.

The Key-Micro, sometimes called the Micro KeyMo adapter, is best paired with the Micro Brake. Together, the Key-Micro system will increase the number of mounting options and life becomes good.  :) <-- smile emoji

Dead Air has been known for innovation and solid products, and with the success of the KeyMo full sized adapter for centerfire rifles, Dead Air recognized the need to expand the same proven mounting technology beyond the Sandman and Nomad. The Key-Micro system allows for compatibility with Wolfman, Wolf, and Ghost.

The fitting of the Keymount muzzle devices depends on the use of the suppressor due to the smaller size of the blast chambers on pistol cartridge-optimized suppressors on the market at the moment.

Note: KeyMicro adapters do NOT come with a muzzle device. Choose a Micro Brake to go with your KeyMicro adapter.

See the following:  Dead Air's KeyMico compatibility fitment guide

Manufacturer's part number DA451

Note:  limit of two adapters per household per week.