Dead Air Micro Brake for KeyMicro and KeyMo

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Dead Air Micro Muzzle Brake

The Key Micro Brake is compatible with both the KeyMicro and KeyMo Suppressor Adaptors

After success with large caliber mounting systems, Dead Air now offers a solution for pistols with a smaller footprint brake, both lighter and shorter, with one port.  Dead Air has improved the quick detach mount by making it require less rotation for lockup.  the KeyMicro brake is effective on on rifle calibers as well. The Micro Brake is ideal for a short, lightweight single port muzzle brake suited for a variety of platforms. Put it on your favorite 9mm carbine, 300 Blackout Pistol, or 5.56 rifle.

The Micro muzzle devices are designed to be used with the KeyMicro Adaptor giving your Ghost, Wolf, or Wolfman a quick attach functionality similar to Dead Air's proven KeyMo system. the Micro Muzzle Break is also compatible with existing KeyMo systems from Dead Air.

Length of a Micro Brake is: 2.06″ and available at Charlie's Custom Clones in a variety of thread pitches

Check here for a gude to KeyMo and KeyMicro suppressors and adapters.

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