At Charlie's Custom Cones, we prioritize quality in everything we offer. We only stock magazines that we would personally use in our own firearms.
Unlike large gun mag superstores, we focus on providing magazines that are truly worth your attention, catering to various budgets.
Our selection includes clone correct Colt and FN magazines, as well as USGI military issue magazines. We proudly stock authentic factory pistol magazines from reputable brands like FN and Sig Sauer, and rifle magazines from Daniel Defense, Colt, FN, LMT, Cadex, Troy, and AI.
In addition, we feature excellent aftermarket options such as metal magazines from C Products, CPD, Okay Industries, and AICS pattern magazines from Accurate MAG. Polymer rifle and pistol magazines from Hexmag, Magpul PMAG, and Amend2 are also part of our lineup.