Mil-Spec USGI M4/M16 30-round gray magazine from Okay Industries - NHMTG

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USGI M4/M16 30-round gray aluminum magazine from Okay Industries

standard USGI magazines.  Manufactured by Okay Industries, under the brand name NHMTG

Okay Industries is a trusted brand, and has been a big supplier to the LE community and shooting enthusiasts for decades.  Our first batch are dated 2014 and are standard gray aluminum coating with scratches through the gray dry-lube coating, which is pretty standard for any new USGI mag.

The magazines are upgraded with green Magpul "enhanced self-leveling followers," specifically made for USGI 30 round magazines.  The Magpul followers feature a 4-way anti-tilt design for increased feeding reliability, and are made "a non-hygroscopic and self-lubricating polymer."

NHMTG was the civilian brand for Okay Industries, but NHMTG magazines are no longer made, and are hard to find. 

As crazy as it might sound, collectors have been known to hunt long and hard for NHMTG.  Okay makes the original USGI mags for Colt, LMT and Rock River and other brands.  Charlie's also sells the newer Okay Industries USGI mags, which look and feel pretty identical, but are 2019, 2020 or later vintage, and you can see that here

The NHMTG brand was shutdown, and Okay now makes the SureFeed magazines in the civilian market, and are a bit more expensive, and from we have been able to tell, relatively hard for distributors and dealers to keep in stock.

30 round mags from Okay / NHMTG.

The aluminum magazines are preferred by soldiers in various areas of the U.S. Military. The stainless-steel spring provides proper tension and keeps rounds properly aligned for optimal function. These USGI magazines are all hardcoat anodized and this model features a Grey dry-lube finish. Okay / MHMTG magazines are put through a multi-step inspection and testing process to ensure they live up to the performance standards that people have come to know with Okay Industries.


  • 30 round Aluminum AR-15 magazine
  • Hardcoat anodized with a grey finish
  • Magpul green enhanced self-leveling follower
  • Mil-Spec stainless steel follower spring
  • Each magazine passes a rigorous inspection and testing process
  • 100% made in the U.S.A.

Polymer magazines do have their benefits and space age aesthetic, aluminum mags are are classic, and still work great.  One of the benefits that aluminum has over polymer is that it does not swell in extremely high or low temperatures. The aluminum feed lips are also strong enough to withstand the pressure of a fully loaded magazine over long periods of time without bending or breaking.

The history of Okay Industries goes back to WWII where they helped manufacture millions of M1 Carbine magazines for the United States Military. Fast forward and they helped co-develop the 30-round M16 magazine and has been a preferred supplier of magazines to the U.S. government ever since. Okay now is making their widely popular AR-15 magazines available to the public with the SureFeed designs, but before Surefire, the MHTG was the civilian version / brand.


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