Lower Receivers

Lower Receivers

At Charlie’s, you can expect quality and value, and a variety of lower receivers for your custom build, your military correct clone build, or an upgrade to your current weapon.

Lowers present your statement on the range. Your persona. You as a shooter. If you are looking for that fancy skull on your lower, you are at the wrong place. At CCC, we provide you the absolute best and most accurate military and law enforcement correct lower receivers, and we give you a wide selection, like walking into a fine jewelry store, but for lower receivers built for an operator.

The fact of the matter is that the most important part of an AR platform rifle is the barrel, and next the optic. To be blunt, the lower receiver just needs to work. It needs to be solid and support your trigger and buffer tube and stock. It does not due much else. As long as it fits snug with your upper receiver and does not fail you, that is all you really need to shoot well.

So, why do you care what receiver you buy? Really, it comes down to the weapon you are building or upgrading. At Charlie’s Custom Clones, we carry historically correct factory Colt and FN and LMT lowers that are battle proven. We get into the details of the markings on the receiver, so that you can choose the period correct lower for your rifle. We carry “new old stock” lowers that were made 20 or 30 years ago, and might be right for your military correct clone rifle. We also carry brand new lowers that are “take offs” from full factory rifles, like Colt and FN. We carry lowers that are virgin factory new, and can be used for an AR pistol. We also have Rock River lower receivers that are used by federal law enforcement, like on an FBI HRT build.

We carry billet lowers and forged lowers. Take a look around and let us help you with dream build, or a simple home defense gun, or maybe a truck gun.

Charlie’s brings you choice and great names like Colt, FN, Rock River, LMT and others and gives you choices at various price levels to meet your needs. Whatever lower receiver you choose, you know you are buying quality and authenticity at Charlie’s Custom Clones.