How to Buy a Firearm

How to buy a Firearm online at Charlie's

Buying a firearm online is a pretty straightforward process.  Note, that in all cases, we do not ship firearms to individuals



In all cases, we ship firearms to a local federally licensed firearms dealer, who is overseen by the ATF.  The only exceptions are official sales to military and law enforcement agencies, and not to individual officers.

  • You must be able to own the firearm of your choice in your State, Providence and Locality.  You must determine that. We suggest you consult with your local gun store.
  • You pick your rifle, shotgun, pistol or receiver here and check-out online. At this point, if you know your FFL, go ahead and put that shipping information in your order. If you do not know the address, just use your own address. We will adjust that later.
  • You pick a local firearms dealer where we will ship your firearm. Please be sure to ask your local gun dealer if he/she will accept our shipment and do a transfer for you. Do not assume. Most local gun shops and individual dealers (FFLs) will do this, and charge you a small fee. A few will not. 

  • WE ONLY SHIP TO FEDERALLY LICENSED FIREARMS DEALERS in the USA.  For Canadian guy purchases, we ship to I Run Guns in Arizona, which is a US based licensed gun dealer.  We have a few hundred pre-authorized gun dealers on file, but with thousands of FFLs, do not count on us having your dealer on file, unless you have purchased from us before, of one our team members have told you that we have their credentials on file. Also note, that firearms licenses expire, so we will need a current valid license.
  • Ask your chosen dealer to send us their FFL by email. Some dealers will want us, here at Charlie's to verify our license first. That is not needed, but we understand that not every dealer may be familiar with us, and many dealers are rightfully reluctant to have their soft copy of their license circulating. If that is the case, just email us, with your FFL's email, and we will send them our short-code FFL number. Your dealer should send us an electronic (soft copy) of their FFL to: 
  • Our Compliance Manager will send you an email when we have the required documentation. If you are missing documentation, our Compliance team will send you an email with instructions. All orders will receive an email from our compliance team when your FFL information is cleared.
  • Next, is an ounce of patience. At Charlie's, we separate compliance from operation and sales, so no firearm can move out of our safe and into the general warehouse until our compliance manager has given us the green light.  Likewise, our sales team, either by email, telephone or online chat cannot advise you whether your documents are in order. Generally speaking, this process takes a number of days. If you have not heard from our compliance manager after three or four (3-4) days from your order, feel free to give us an email at, but please understand that we have a process and it works a little slowly, and some of that slowness keeps us all compliance and not the subject of an ATF investigation. Mostly, unless you just do not hear from us, there is no need to call or inquire.
  • When we are ready to ship, we will let you know. We send emails when your order ships, and provide tracking. Usually, we also give you an update when your dealer has your firearm.
  • When you pick-up your firearm from your local dealer, he/she will require that you pass a background check. All of the federal, state and local firearms regulations are handled by your local gun dealer. He/she will also confirm the condition of the firearm.  
  • Note: We follow special shipping rules for California and New York and few other states.  We are registered with the California Department of Justice, so we file all paperwork needed to ship your firearm. We do charge a small handling fee for compliance. For California, we do not make permanent firearm modifications, but we do ship in compliance with California law. Any modifications to make your firearm compliant will be done by your local dealer or gunsmith. We have a list of FFLs that we work with in California in major population centers, or you can pick your own. You must inquire if they will accept an out of state shipment.
  • Does your jurisdiction have any magazine capacity limits?  If you live in a jurisdiction that has laws restricting the capacity of magazines and you purchase a firearm that comes with one, or more magazines that exceed that limit, we will remove the hi-cap magazine(s). We will not replace the removed magazines with ones that conform to your jurisdictional limits, nor will we refund you the value of the removed magazines. We do offer a few pistols with 10 and 15 round magazines; however, many of our rifles and sub-guns are only available (from the manufacturer) with hi-cap mags. A good resource for magazine capacity laws is


If you have further questions on how to buy a firearm or Suppressor with Charlie's, give us a call or send us an email, or use online CHAT.