Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Charlie’s Custom Clones uses only the best parts on the market today, ensuring the longevity and durability of your custom piece. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have, so contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our products. Below, we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions.

What is Charlie’s Custom Clones?
Charlie’s is a firearms manufacturer and dealer of firearms and parts. We are proud to offer a wide assortment of accessories and parts for the AR, and other popular platforms. We carry upper receivers, stocks, sights, mounts, rails, and more. We are your source for hard-to-find items. Anything you need, really. Whether you are searching for gun parts, handguns, ARs, or build-up rifles, Charlie’s can help.

How did Charlie's get started? 
We made our debut on Gunbroker in July of 2017. Our website was launched in December of 2017, so we just celebrated our 5 year anniversary. 

 Is Charlie's Custom Clones legit?
Yes. We are legit. We are named Charlie’s Custom ‘Clones’ because we specialize in military correct rifles and ‘clone builds' that are based on US government service rifles. We carry mil-spec and military grade products. To learn more - read this article on  “Military surplus and military “clone” rifles.”

Are your guns fake, replicas, or airsoft?
No. Everything we carry is genuine and of the best quality.

Does Charlie’s do custom builds?
We try to take requests and see if we can commercialize a quantity of 10-20. However, we do welcome custom changes to our standard products. Want to buy an upper but live in a state that does not allow flash hiders? We can build with a muzzle break instead. Looking for a 14.5" upper pinned to 16" but we don't offer a muzzle device that supports the suppressor you have? We can work with you. It never hurts to ask.

Does Charlie’s manufacture their own firearms?
We have yet to manufacture our own complete rifles; however, that may be in our future.  We have a Cage Code registered for military contracts but just have not had the time to commit to large scale builds. Besides, we work with the best parts available from companies like Colt, Knight's Armament, Daniel Defense, FN, Geissele, Surefire, La Rue and many more. So how could we best the best?

Does Charlie’s have a physical store?
No. We are an online dealer. Our location is dedicated to shipping and armorer work. 

What is Charlie's address?
Our Mailing address is Charlie's Custom Clones 9893 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls, VA 22066 (Note: there is no storefront, so don't try to drop by to browse.)

Where is Charlie's located?
Our location is on the web at Sorry, we don't have a storefront.

What is Charlie’s Custom Clone’s phone number?
Our phone number is 703.953.2882. You can also contact us via email ( or onsite chat.  

Does Charlie’s have free shipping?
Free shipping applies to most orders with a total of $150.00 and above. This excludes firearms and ammunition, due to the additional handling and care involved for these categories.

Does Charlie’s Clone’s ship outside of the US?
Certain items can be shipped internationally. READ MORE HERE

When can I expect my order to arrive?
We try to ship all orders in a timely manner. Some of the items we carry are "fast ships" and should be in the mail within a day or so of purchase. Other items may take 3-5 days to ship from our "Custom Shop" warehouse. 

Now, if you order a suppressor, firearm, or serialized firearm part, your order can only be processed after SOT and/or FFL requirements have been completed. This can take days or weeks.

Also, when you order one of our custom builds, expect it to take us 3-5 weeks to get through our build queue. Please be patient, you are going to love the final results.

Does Charlie’s offer financing?
Yes. This applies to items priced between $300 - $5,000. You must apply with Credova and be approved. Visit this page to learn more about financing. 

Does Charlie’s have coupons or discount codes?
When we have discount codes, they are sent to our email subscribers. Make sure you opt-in for emails. 

Does Charlie’s have a loyalty program?
Yes. Our loyalty program is called “Charlie’s Rewards” through Loyalty Lion. Make sure you sign up to earn SWAG, deep discounts, and much more. 

Does Charlie’s offer Special Orders or pre-sales?
Yes. From time to time, we offer our customers the ability to reserve or pre-order an item before we have the item in inventory.  In these cases, a reservation fee is taken to reserve your order.  We also may order an item from the factory and ask for a deposit.  

Does Charlie’s offer Layaway?
For Layaway and holds placed, we ask for a minimum of 25% down payment.  The length of the hold varies, case by case.  For layaway, we do not offer layaway on all items.  If we accept a layaway, we expect 1/2 of the balance after the deposit to be paid in 30 days, and the final payment within 60 days. 

Can I cancel my order?
Yes. Purchases are subject to a cancellation fee. Special orders have other cancellation policies which are part of the listing.  Absent a specific cancellation policy on special orders and reservations, the cancellation fee is 25%. Other purchases are subject to a 10% cancellation fee.

What is your return policy?
Charlie’s is here to serve you and satisfy our customers. PERIOD.
For normal returns, you have 10 days from the day you receive your product to notify us that you would like to return. Beyond the normal return time, items that are still offered for sale may be returned within 60 days for store credit. Ammo cannot be returned. 

How do I buy a Firearm online at Charlie's?
Once you select your gun, You need to select a local firearms dealer (FFL)where we will ship your firearm. Please be sure to ask your local gun dealer if he/she will accept our shipment and do a transfer for you. Do not assume. Most local gun shops and individual dealers (FFLs) will do this, and charge you a small fee. A few will not. Refer to -

Is Charlie’s an FFL?
Yes; however, we do not provide direct customer transfers. Each customer must find a local FFL to complete their purchase.

What items can be shipped to my home? 
With the exception of suppressors, firearms, and serialized firearms components (and in some states ammunition), all of the products we sell can be shipped to your home.

What are your best sellers?
Clone correct uppers, URGI, Mk18, M4A1, and Mk12 are on the top of the list.

What are the emerging brands you are working with?
While most of the industry is dominated by names that have been in business for decades, we do welcome product offerings from some new players, so long as the quality of their products meets with our high standards. For example, we love the products made by Allen Engineering.

Other start-ups produce scopes (Zero Compromise Optic, March/DEON), adjustable gas blocks (Riflespeed, Superlative Arms), tools (Suppressor Tools, KAK) and more.

I am looking to upgrade my basic rifle, but need help deciding what I should buy. What would you suggest?
There are quite a few upgrade options we can help you with. One of our experienced experts will give you all the options when you come in and talk with us about your specifications and needs. We generally advise to start thinking about what type of shooting you like and if you are looking for a longer or more compact rifle, or whether you want a rifle that is uniquely fit to your specifications.

Charlie’s carries every type of upgrade, and we proudly carry parts to customize any rifle.

I have been bitten by “Clone Fever,” but I’m not sure what clone to have built first. What would Charlie’s suggest?
By far, our most popular build is an Mk18 upper with a pinned flash hider (legal as a rifle in most states). It is fun to shoot and, with the M-Lok mounting system or picatinny rails, has near infinite options for attaching accessories. Coming up a close second is the Mk12; yes, the Black Hawk Down rifle. We build both of these in configurations from "Clone Correct" to "Near Clone" depending on your needs and budget. We aim to please each and every customer with our custom clones.

I am interested in having a rifle built, but I don’t want to compromise accuracy. What parts are most important and where do I start?
At Charlie's Custom Clones, we build custom pieces that don’t compromise accuracy. A great rifle starts with a great barrel and chambering to fit the upper receiver and bolt. The rest comes later. It’s like buying a car — you focus on the engine and drive of the car first and concentrate on the seat material and tire brand later.

I am the type who does a lot of online searching.  I am looking for a great deal on a name brand scope.  What's up with every online store having the same price?
You know, in the old days, we would find that really great sports store that carried the scope or gun part we were looking for, and we saw the price, and we either bought it, or we waited for a sale.  Now, we can browse a dozen stores online and find the best price.  But, there is something called MAP, or Minimum Advertised Price in the industry, and all reputable dealers will not list their scope or other high-value product lower than a limit established by the manufacturer.  The manufacturers set the MAP at a level that, in their opinion, maintains the value of their brand.  Not all manufacturers have a MAP, but many do.

At Charlie's, we want to provide you with the best value.  In the case of our custom assemblies and mil-spec parts, we have given you our best price.  If you are buying a scope, or a precision rifle chassis, or a direct from factory URG, it is possible that Charlie's can provide you with a lower price than what we list online.  This is especially true if you are buying more than one item.

Look for this logo on the product page:  This logo will tell you that the item is priced at "MAP," but it is possible that with a bundling of other products that Charlie's can give you a better price. ASK US ! Send us a note, and let's talk about your goals and see what we can do for you.