International Orders


Charlie's International Shipping 

Charlie's Custom Clones is excited to announce that we have partnered with EasyExport to handle all the technical aspects of fulfilling international orders! This partnership will significantly reduce the possibility of seizures by U.S. Customs and the receiving country's customs, and will increase the certainty that our customers will get their orders.

To get started, customers must register with EasyExport for free - Click here to register.

Once registered, they will be able to shop at Charlie's Custom Clones and EasyExport will notify them when their registration has been activated (please allow 24-36 hours).

There are some restrictions and limitations that customers should be aware of before placing an order:

-EasyExport does not expedite shipping times

-We are unable to ship firearms, frames or receivers to individuals in any country. Please ask your firearm dealer to register with EasyExport and buy the product for you.

-We are unable to ship barrels, slides, bolts, bolt carriers, magazines, and cylinders to individuals in countries that require these parts to be serialized. These items must be shipped to dealers.

-We are not currently authorized to export sound suppressors.

-Restrictions from our suppliers may prevent us from exporting certain products 

You MUST register with EasyExport before any order will be shipped. For questions about placing an international order, contact us at