How to Buy a Suppressor

How to Buy a Silencer with Charlie's

Chances are, if you are looking at suppressors, you have a pretty good idea of the overall process, but here is the recap.

Buying a suppressor at Charlie's is as easy as buying it at your local gun store.  And, you get the best selection of high performance suppressors available.

Obviously, you can see that Charlie's carries a very wide selection of suppressors.  We are one of the only shops that carry both current popular brands like Silencerco and DeadAir, but also niche brands like Rugged, Q and Energetic as well as military correct suppressors from Knights Armament, Surefire and Allen Engineering.

  • Buying a suppressor follows all of the above process for buying a firearm.  Some states are more restrictive on suppressors than firearms, so be sure to check on your local laws.
  • Your Dealer must be a Class 3 Dealer.  When you pick a local dealer, you need to make sure your dealer is what is known as an SOT, and also referred to as a Class 3 or Class 2 dealer.  Not all dealers are.  This is a separate tax fee and registration for dealers to sell and stock NFA items like suppressors, short barreled rifles and machine guns.  Your dealer must include their SOT certificate along with their FFL.
  • Approval from the ATF to ship your suppressor takes a few more days.  Once we have your dealer's documentation, we need approval from the ATF to ship to your dealer.  This is known as a Form 3.  The good news is that this is now electronic, and except for times when the government is shutdown, this process takes only a few days to get the approval, and we ship to your SOT dealer.  So, within a week or 10 days from order, we can usually ship to your SOT dealer.
  • You will file your Form 4 paperwork with your local dealer.  You probably know that you can buy a suppressor as an individual or in a Trust.  You will need to complete the Form 4 information with your local SOT dealer, and provide them with fingerprint cards and a tax of $200.  Right now, the Form 4 approval process is taking a number of months.  Your local dealer can give you an estimate of time.  In 2017, wait times were running 6 to 12 months.  We understand that time is getting shorter every month, but it is still a long wait.  During this time, your local SOT dealer will hold your suppressor.  Some SOTs that also provide range services will allow you to retrieve your suppressor to use on their range, and return before you leave, so keep that in-mind when looking for a local SOT dealer.
  • When your tax stamp arrives, you will go to your local SOT dealer, and be required to pass a background check at the time you pick it up, and then you take it home and use it.