Dead Air KeyMo Suppressor Adapter for Omega - Open Box

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Dead Air KeyMo Suppressor Adapter

this is the Omega / Universal mount, open box DA428

This is a factory new item, repackaged in VCI milspec plastic

  • Dead Air Key-Mo is one of the best general purpose mounts out there, offered in both brakes and three-prong flash hiders.
  • Many "modern" suppressor companies, like Dead Air, Energetic Armament, Rex Silentium and more to come have standardized on the direct thread and quick release inserts into the can at 1.375"x24 threading, so the "Omega" Key-Mount mount adapter will work with many current suppressors, and many to come.

Dead Air has developed the Key-Mo™ to give your SilencerCo Omega and other suppressor a much-needed upgrade, or to outfit you with a common DA mount that you can move between cans.. Simply unscrew your existing mount, and thread the Key-Mo on. Your silencer is now compatible with the Dead Air Key Brake and Flash Hider – giving you the best mounting system in the industry.

The Dead Air KEY-MO mount allows user that have existing silencers from other manufacturers to utilize Dead Air Key Mount muzzle devices (muzzle brakes and flash hiders) with their silencers.

This mount is compatible with the Nomad, VOX line of suppressors from Energetic Armament, the Omega 300, the Harvester 338 Rex Silentium the Hybrid 46, and many other suppressor which are adapting the "Bravo" mount in 1-3/8" x24 internal thread pattern.

All KEY-MO mounts are compatible with Key Mount Flash hiders and Muzzle Brakes

Note: KEY-MO adapters do NOT come with a muzzle device. Choose a Key-Mo mount to go with your Key-Mo adapter.

Manufacturer's Part Number:  DA428

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