Colt M4 Pistol Lower Receiver with SB Tactical Brace

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Colt M4 Pistol lower with SB Tactical Brace exclusive at Charlies Custom Clones

Colt M4 Pistol Lower Receiver with SB Tactical Brace


Colt pistol lower with SBA3 pistol brace in FDE color.  Charlie's exclusive

this item has gotten to be stupid hard to find.  We get a few in from time to time, and we have to dedicated what we receive to full pistol builds first.  Rarely, I mean very seldom, we will have one or two available for sale.  Since September, 2019, when Colt got out of the consumer rifle market, everything Colt is very hard to get.  We get some Colt rifles and parts, since we serve the mil/LE market, and the price has gone up in a big way.  If you have to have Colt, sign-up to be notified when we are in-stock.  We also recommend anything LMT as a great replacement, as well as KAC.

This is a factory new Colt lower receiver, complete with all 100% Colt hardware, with factory new SB Tactical FDE brace.  Perfect for your short barreled upper for a legal pistol.  This is the ONLY way to have a legal Colt AR pistol.  No other product is available.  But, consider a Colt SBR as well.  The wait time for Form 4 NFA stamps has come down.

This lower came direct from the Colt factory, and has never been assembled as a rifle, so yes, it is available as a pistol lower.  This will transfer to your local gun dealer (FFL) as a lower / other for all of you ATF techies.

  • 2018 vintage Colt M4 marked virgin lower receiver
  • QR code and CR serial number
  • Colt factory lower parts kit, factory installed
  • Colt factory 4-stop mil-spec buffer extension tube, factory installed and castle nut staked.