California Firearms Processing

$25.00 - $50.00

CALIFORNIA PROCESSING for rifles and pistols

If you wish to purchase an AR15 or M4 style rifle, or any rifle that can be taken apart, like a SCAR, and are shipping to California, you need to add the rifle service to your order.

If you are buying just a lower assembly, or a pistol, or shotgun, you need to purchase the pistol / lower assembly service.

Note:  This fee is for CA Compliance, not to make your firearm CA Compliant.  Let me explain:

  • We comply with California law, in terms of what is required to ship a rifle into California legally.
  • We ship a legal lower receiver to your FFL, and a legal upper receiver to you.  When you put the upper and the lower together to have a rifle, you need to make sure you comply with California law.  Your local gun dealer can help you with this.  If you are unsure, we have a list of a number of FFLs in California, for whom we have shipped lower receivers in the past.  They are located in various high density population centers, and we would be happy to refer you to one of these dealers, if your local dealer is not familiar with how to receive a legal lower receiver.
  • We are registered with the California Department of Justice, as well as with the US Department of Justice.  Everything we do is 100% legal, or we will not do it.   We have to notify CA-DOJ every time we ship a firearm to California, and we have to give them the name, address and identification number of your dealer, and we include that documentation in our shipment.
  • We do not make your firearm compliant with California law.  We are not California law experts.
  • For your rifle to be CA Compliant, your local gunsmith and you will need to decide how to alter the lower and/or upper receiver in such a way as to comply with California laws.  We are not your experts in this area.  You, your gunsmith and/or attorney will need to make that call.  There are a number of alteration, devices, etc. that are meant to limit the magazine capacity, limit your ability to reload or change magazines, or otherwise make your magazine affixed to your weapon.
  • If you are buying a pistol, you must make sure that your pistol is legal to own in California.
  • There are lots of Websites that offer ideas on CA compliance, look here . These Sites may or may not have the right answers, but give you an idea on what needs to be done.  Consult your local gunsmith.
  • For a list of approved pistols, here is a link to the California list of approved pistols
  • For non-semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, choose the lower / pistol service, as we do not need to break down your rifle.  The semi-auto rifles have a higher fee, which also covers the additional shipping, as we ship two packages.

Ordering Note:  This service must be the only thing in your cart when you place your order.  Put the firearm in a separate order.