Colt M4 Commando Pistol Kit - Complete

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Colt M4 Commando Pistol kit from Charlie's Custom Clones

Colt M4 Commando Pistol Kit - Complete

Charlie's exclusive.  Something fun, but not really historically correct.  Who cares?  This pistol is awesome.

Charlie's took the M4 Commando lower and mated it with the M4 Commando upper (LE6933CK), to bring you an exclusive that is a great AR pistol to own, collect, and most importantly, shoot!

Only two of these pistol kits have been made, and when sold, we have no more Colt Commando lowers, so this is it.  We took our time to do it right, and tried hard to balance price with the best available components to make this a combat pistol that you will treasure for a long time.  The list price of the components was several hundred dollars more than our price for the kit, but we know that the sticker is not a small one.

Once you put your kit together, you can build your own short barreled rifle, if you wish.  File your ATF Form 1 with e-forms, and you can be good to go in a month.


Upper Assembly:

Colt LE6933 Upper Receiver Group 

With Colt M4 Upper Receiver with CAGE Code markings

Colt M16 full auto bolt carrier group, stamped with a "C" and the bolt marked "MPC" to military spec

11.5" Government Profile M4 barrel;  Chromed lined and with M4 feed ramps on the extension and the receiver; Colt CAGE code stamped with Magnetic Particle Inspection, 1:7 twist and 5.56 NATO Chamber.

"F" height A-frame front sight base

Knights Armament KAC M4 RAS

Matech USGI rear 600m folding sight base

Aimpoint T-2 red dot optic with Geissele DDC mount in 1/3 co-witness height

Daniel Defense (old school) FDE rail covers

A2 standard flash hider

Shown in one picture with Optional addition of the Dead Air Sandman S Suppressor, available here.


Lower Assembly:

Colt M4 Commando lower, with LE serial prefix

Geissele SSA combat two-stage trigger

Colt lower parts

B5 Coyote grip

B5 Coyote Enhanced aluminum trigger guard

SB Tactical FDE SB-3 pistol brace


Note:  This is sold as a kit,  but you are buying two distinct parts.  The upper, optic and furniture shipping to you, and the lower assembly to your FFL.  The price shown is a combined price for the kit, so you need to put the upper and lower together.