Mk18 Mod 0 Colt Custom CQBR Pistol Kit

$2,790.00 - $2,999.95
Discontinued by Manufacturer, not taking orders at this time

Mk18 Mod0 Colt pistol kit


featuring a virgin Colt lower receiver with Crane engraving and SB Tactical pistol brace, and an option for the Surefire SOCOM trainer, "faux suppressor."


We know you love Mk18 uppers, rifle and pistols, and we know you love Colt.  Charlie's has teamed with Potomac Armory to bring a very small number of Colt virgin Crane logo engraved lowers together into a full pistol kit.  A Charlie's exclusive, this Mk18 pistol kit is ready to go.  Charlie's has taken all the best parts and assembled them together, so that you can build your own Mk18 Mod0 pistol.  Just like the Mk18 Mod0 rifles onboard ships at the beginning of the global war on terror, and the follow-on US Navy CQBR upper receivers, the Mk 18 pistol kit brings you some of the most authentic and parts to assemble your own pistol.

As a leader in Mk18 rifles and pistols, we have brought you the best.  If you are new to clone building, the Mk18 Mod0 is a great place to start.  If you have a collection, maybe you want to add to it with an authentic Colt lower Mk18 with NSWC Crane logo, just like the original Mk18 rifles onboard our ships in 2001.

The Surefire trainer is a great way to start your Mk18, and if live in a state that allows suppressors, you can use the trainer while you wait on your tax stamp for your suppressor.

Yes, the first comment is:  Geez, this is expensive.  Yes, it is, and we only have a small number, and this kit is part of the 2018 sale of Colt virgin lower receivers, and if you are a Colt follower, you know that Colt is not producing lower receivers as spares to the public, so this is a chance to get a Colt pistol.  It the Colt name is not that important, then take a look at the LMT Mk18 pistol kit.  Same great quality upper, and an LMT lower, which is just as good as Colt, but does not have the scarcity factor that comes with a Colt virgin lower receiver.

Lower Receiver

We have started with the Colt complete lower, one of the last remaining full lowers that left Colt as a virgin lower, so it can now be a pistol, with the Colt 4-position mil-spec forged buffer tube and factory installed Colt trigger and lower parts kit and factory installed Colt A2 grip.  The complete lower is fully assembled by Colt and is rollmarked "M4 Carbine."  the Colt M4 lower is mil-spec 7075 forged aluminum with mil-spec hard coat anodizing in black.  Charlie's has done some research into the early NSWC Crane logo that the US Navy used, and has produced our proprietary version of this as a result of our research.  This logo on the right magwell has been laser engraved into the aluminum and the laser process produces a white logo.  This is not paint.  This is lightly engraved.  Deeper than simple etching, so the logo will last through oil and dirt and use.  The lower receiver is 100% factory Colt, with the addition of the Charlie's Crane logo, and then we attach an SB Tactical SBA-3 brace, which is fantastic, as the SBA3 perfectly fits the mil-spec buffer extension tube, so you can replace with a stock, should you later decide to make a short barreled rifle out of your pistol.  This will require no change in the buffer tube assembly, and something you can do yourself.

Upper Receiver Group

The upper receiver group comes assembled with a Colt 10.3" Crane barrel and Knights Armament M4 free floating RAS.  Just insert the BCG and charging handle and attach to your lower, and your pistol is fully assembled.

The upper receiver group includes a Tier1 contracted mil-spec M4 upper receiver, complete with M4 feed ramps and engraved upper T-marks.  The receiver is 7075 aluminum and mil-spec anodized in hard coat black to match the Colt lower receiver.  The barrel is a Colt barrel, M4 profile with a Colt factory installed "F height" front sight base.  The barrel is in traditional Crane style, having been cut-down from a 14.5" Colt factory barrel and the gas port opened up to 0.70", re-crowned, and the barrel then re-phosphated to assure corrosion resistance, as is military spec.  Charlie's uses one of the best barrel smith shops in the business to make the adjustments to this factory barrel.  Barrels are not something we leave to chance or source to just anyone.  The barrel is typical Colt military grade:  1:7 twist chambered in 5.56 NATO with a full chrome-lined bore and chamber and the extension matching the upper receiver with M4 fee ramps.  The barrel is military grade 4140 Chrome-Moly steel. 

A Surefire SOCOM 3-prong flash hider has been properly timed and set in place with Rocksett, and is ready to accept a Surefire SOCOM suppressor, should you wish to go that route, and you have the option to add the black Surefire faux suppressor, "inert training device."  Charlie's has upgraded the quad rail RAS to a carbine length free-floating RAS.  The free floating RAS was a later upgrade to the drop-in RAS, and will lend to more accurate shooting, as the operators hands will not influence the direction of the barrel.  The free floating RAS comes with 3 11-rib Knights Armament RAS rail covers.  The top rail is left open for accessories, should you wish to add a flash light, PEQ or other nighttime illuminator.

The bolt carrier group is from a military contract, and features a phosphated tool steel carrier, well oiled, properly staked gas key screws, and a MPI and high pressure tested bolt made from the finest steel possible: Carpenter 158.  The charging handled is premium forged mil-spec aluminum and hard coat anodized.

A Magpul MBUS Gen2 backup rear sight - BUIS - is also included.  Some way wish to upgrade the rear sight to a Matech, Knights Armament or LMT LM8 sight, which can be done at the time you order for a small cost, or later.  Charlie's is always looking to balance clone correct with affordability, and the versatility to upgrade later.  Just like we can see you adding an Aimpoint M68 optic or an EOTech EXPS3.


  • Authentic Mk18 Mod0 components
  • fully assembled lower receiver group
  • upper receiver group in three parts, delivered to your door
  • Colt factory "virgin" complete lower receiver with Crane Mk18 engraving (comes complete with Colt factory lower receiver box with purple dot)
  • Colt factory installed lower parts including Colt single stage trigger and Colt 4-position forged buffer tube, buffer and spring
  • mil-spec Tier-1 contracted upper receiver with M4 feed ramps, 7075 aluminum construction and engraved T-marks
  • Colt carbine 10.3" chrome-lined 4140 military grade Chrome-Moly steel M4 profile barrel, phosphate exterior with Colt factory installed F-height front sight base, cut, crowned and gas port re-sized to 0.070" as Crane did back in 2001.
  • Surefire SOCOM 3-Prong flash hider, professionally timed and installed
  • Knights Armament carbine RAS, free floating with 3 11-rib RAS rail covers
  • SB Tactical SBA3 brace
  • mil-spec bolt carrier group, phosphated steel and properly staked gas keys and C-158 steel MPI bolt
  • Magpul MBUS Gen2 rear back-up sight.  Want an upgrade?  Add the LMT rear sight and ask us for a free T-shirt
  • Surefire "trainer" suppressor offered as an option
  • Optional Surefire SOCOM RC2 Suppressor can be added

AR Pistols and the ATF

Charlie's has worked hard with Potomac Armory to bring you this pistol kit, and the 10.3" barrel is perfectly legal for a pistol in August, 2021.  The lower receiver left Colt as lower receiver, and not as part of a rifle, so you may legally build this kit into a pistol, and you may later change to a rifle or SBR; all fully legal.  In the event that the ATF issues regulations restricting AR type pistols with braces, it is possible that this short pistol will not be affected, as the shorter pistols are designed to be used with one hand.  We do recommend that you keep abreast of changes in the law, which might mean you have to register an AR pistol with a brace as an SBR, which might also mean the payment of a $200 tax stamp, or it might not.

As a pistol kit, we will ship the lower assembly to your local firearms dealer, and the upper assembly to you, for you to assemble at home.  Some pictures show the completed pistol, but you will receive this as shown in the parts picture.  If you should have any questions on the assembly, ask a Charlie's team member for clarification.

Note:  this is the Colt Mk18 Mod0 pistol kit.  Charlie's also offers a similar Mk18 pistol kit with a LMT lower receiver.


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