Mk18 Mod 0 CQBR upper receiver group with enhanced SOCOM Colt 10.3" barrel

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Colt 10.3" Mk18 Mod 0 enhanced CQBR upper receiver group

This is a Colt Mk18 Mod 0 with enhanced SOCOM barrel

I started to go back and forth... Is this a Colt or a Potomac Armory?  Is a Mercedes AMG a Mercedes or an AMG ?  I guess it is a Benz after all.  There are just a few upgrades from Potomac.

Potomac started with a pure Colt Mk18 Mod 0, and swapped the barrel out for starters.  Instead of the traditional "thin" Government profile barrel, you have here a Colt SOCOM profile barrel, which is what Potomac calls the "enhanced" model of the Mod 0.  I have seen people refer to this as a Mod 0.5 and even a Mod 3, but let's keep it simple.

Also included is Knights Armament KAC NT4 flash hider (other options available), Knights Armament CAGE Code RAS rail covers with carbine M4 RAS, and the PRI Gas Buster charging handle to complete the best Mod 0 money can buy.  After all, Charlie's is an aficionado for fine SBRs.

The CQBR upper receiver group is assembled by Potomac Armory, exclusively for Charlie's Custom Clones.

-- Colt M4 upper receiver. Mil-spec perfection. This is what you want. This is the real deal. All upper receivers are Colt CAGE Code marked, usually Square Forge marked.

-- Mil-Spec M4 RAS quad rail with 3 Knights Armament CAGE Code 11-ribbed rail guards. The real McCoy. The Mil-Spec RAS is from Prudent America (formerly P&S Products), the same supplier to the US Military for the carbine M4 RAS.

-- Colt complete bolt carrier group, mil-spec phosphated finish. Note: for effective reliable shooting with a 10.3" barrel, you need a high quality bolt and carrier group, especially if you might be shooting rapid fire or suppressed. Colt is what our men and women fighting the enemy use and rely upon to save their lives. Yes, there is a lot built into a Colt bolt and carrier group that you will never need.  But you got it anyway.

-- PRI gas-buster charging handle. This is the crème del la crème of military charging handles. Yes that is French. With suppressed fire or just rapid fire, an SBR is going to kick your ass with smoke and gasses. The PRI gas buster ports the gas out to the right, away from your face (not intended for left handed shooting).

-- Colt 10.3” SOCOM chrome-line mil-spec barrel with 0.07” gas port and carbine gas system with integrated FSB. This is the best 10.3” barrel out there. 

-- Choice of military correct flash hiders

 Note:  For the improved RAS version, take a look at:  Mk18 Mod0 improved CQBR with Free Floating RAS

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a note on the 10.3" SOCOM barrel from Potomac Armory:  The Colt 10.3” barrel came to us from Colt as a 10.3” SOCOM barrel, but was made for the Colt monolithic 6940 rifle, and was an over-run on a contract. The Colt 6940 does not use an M4 extension with feed-ramps (don’t ask, not sure why). We had a Colt armorer re-fit this barrel with an M4 extension, double-measure head-spacing and improve the gas port to the desired 0.070” size. This is not a cut-down. It has all the Colt markings under the rail that you would expect from a Colt 10.3” factory barrel.  This barrel is an amazing piece of engineering, so we kept it true Colt through and through.  

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