Colt 10.3" Mk18 CQBR barrel, Gov't profile stripped, "Crane style" - FSB removed

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Colt 10.3" Crane Mk18 barrel, Government profile, stripped 

100% Colt barrel, the way the Navy armorers at Crane in Indiana originally built the Mk18, this is a cut-down Colt factory barrel, professionally cut, crowned and gas port opened to 0.07".  Front sight base has been removed.

M4 Government profile, which is historically correct. This is the barrel for a Mk18 Mod 1 build, or for a custom short barreled rifle. 

Standard Colt chrome-lined, to last almost forever, and that includes throwing it in the mud.  This barrel came with a front sight base from the Colt factory, and it has been removed, and the pin groves that held the FSB in place have been chemically blackened to protect the steel from the elements.  Back in the day, Crane didn't even do that.  Crane would pop-off the FSB and pop-on the Mk12 gas block.  This is a stripped model, for the Mod 1.  Comes ready for a flash hider of your choosing, with standard 1/2-28 threading.  Professionally cut, threaded, crowned, and gas port sized by CLE.  Most barrels receive what is known as the "doughnut" crown, which is 100% the same as you see on a factory new Colt short barrel.

Newer, correct gas port, at the correct 0.070" size.

Exactly the same as Colt part SP64049, but without Colt markings.  For those who know Colt, you will see the original barrel blank maker's stamp at the breach and also the Colt date markings are usually behind the gas port.  That part is not always true, but mostly.  You can see the picture for examples.

Barrel Specifications

  • barrel:  Colt factory barrel, professionally cut-down to size, "Crane style"
  • material:  4140 Chrome-Moly milspec steel, externally phosphate finished
  • chrome lined bore and chamber
  • length:  10.3"
  • twist:  1:7
  • chambering:  5.56 NATO
  • gas port size:  0.070"
  • M4 feed ramps
  • gas block:  none:  originally had FSB, but removed
  • professional crowned with typical Colt doughnut crown

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We take special care in bringing you the best in short barrels, and use the best artisans, both in-house, and in our extended supply chain, when something has to be engineered to a Colt production barrel.  Our collectors and cloners will want the 10.3" barrel for historical accuracy.  The Daniel Defense is a great option, as it is now being used by US Special Forces in limited numbers, and is readily available and affordable.  For more authenticity, choose a Colt 10.3" barrel. 

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