Mk18 Mod0 Daniel Defense 10.3" CQBR Gov't profile Barrel with FSB

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Daniel Defense 10.3" Gov't profile FSB

perfect for a Mk18 Mod 0 build or CQBR upper receiver group

The Daniel Defense Cold Hammer Forged barrel with front sight post is a perfect barrel for a Mk18 Mod0 build.  The barrel is very similar to the Colt 10.3" barrel, being phophated steel with chrome lining and 5.56 NATO chambering and 1:7 twist with magnetic particle inspection.  The Daniel Defense barrel is cold hammer forged, which produces consistent barrel land and grooves.  The Colt barrel is button-broached.  One barrel cutting method is not superior to the other.  Both are solid and, when combined with 5.56 NATO chambering and chrome lining make for nearly identical barrels and both are perfect for a Mk18 Mod0 build with the RAS quad hand guards.

The Mk18 rifle originally had this profile barrel, and was known as the Mk18 Mod0, and the upper receiver group also referred to as the CQBR - close quarter battle receiver, Mod 0.  The rifle itself came into the battlefront as ship-borne weapon for armed Naval forces to board enemy and contraband loaded shipping beginning in 2001, after the terrorist attack on America, and the beginning of the global war on terror (GWOT).  10.3" was chosen by the Navy, in consultation with the armorers at NSQC Crane, to find the shortest barrel to allow easy movement in the close quarters onboard surface vessels, while at the same time, being able to mount an NT4 suppressor, and later to also include the Surefire SOCOM suppressor.

Charlie's offers the Daniel Defense barrel as an alternative to the Colt and LMT barrels which are technically more period correct, but also are often difficult to source.  Many clone builders might opt for this barrel for their CQBR / Mk18 Mod0 build.


More Information
Caliber 5.56mm NATO
Barrel Length 10.3"
Manuf. Process Cold Hammer Forged
Twist Rate 1:7
Muzzle Thread 1⁄2×28 TPI (Threads Per Inch)
Material 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium (CMV) carbon steel
Outside Finish Mil-Spec Heavy Phosphate
Inside Finish Chrome
Gas System Carbine Length
Diameter At Gas Port   .750″
Barrel Extension A4
Barrel Profile Government
Weight 1.46 lb
Manufacturer Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense part: 07-077-02123

Made in USA - for sale only in USA