Daniel Defense DD new 10.3" Mk18 barrel kit


Daniel Defense DD new 10.3" Mk18 barrel kit

10.3" 5.56MM, CARBINE, 1:7, GOV

This is a new Danie Defense barrel, but what we call a "take-off," which means that here at Charlie's, we buy full rifles and full upper receiver groups (URG)s and occasionally, take then apart, and sell the parts.

This is not used.  Our talented gunsmiths have all the right DD factory armorer tools to disassemble each part without scratches or fingerprints or otherwise bubba'ing your DD part(s).  I know, before I had the right tools and the right people, I would scratch and mar my stuff, and then have to call to have something shipped to me.

This is a barrel "kit," so it comes with a DD low profile gas block semi-permanently attached (pinned) or set screws attached, gas tube attached and DD RIS barrel nut.  So, this is ready to go, to insert into your upper receiver and attach your DD RIS rail.  If, you don't want to use a Daniel Defense RIS rail, you can remove the barrel nut by taking the gas block off, and you can then use a Geissele rail, or whatever rail your heart desires.

Important note on gas blocks:  with this kit, you get what you get.  Sometimes Daniel Defense will pin the gas block through the barrel, other times they will not.  Mostly, we get a generic gas block that Daniel Defense provides.  Sometimes, we have a Geissele stainless gas block.  Occasionally DD will ship with their Mk12 gas block.  If you need a specific gas block, make note of that in the comments section in your order, and we will try to accommodate.  If we do not have a specific gas block, we can remove what was sent to us, and install a different gas block, but that will involve shop time, meaning an additional cost and additional time.  For this product, we are typically disassembling a new Daniel Defense upper, and bagging the barrel kit as it comes from the factory, and offering it to you.  One more commentary on gas blocks:  unless you are building something of historical significance, any gas block that Daniel Defense or Geissele uses and attaches to their barrels is going to be rock solid, and in most cases, no need for you to even know what the gas block is, unless you are just one of those types...  

Cold Hammer Forging of barrels has been known for decades to produce the most accurate, longest lasting rifle barrels obtainable. The Cold Hammer Forging of barrels is accomplished through intense hydraulic pressure applied at opposing angles by carbide steel hammers. During the hammering process, a mandrel is inserted into the bore while the carbide steel hammers shape the barrel around the mandrel creating the chamber, the lands, and the grooves. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the Cold Hammer Forging process creates a defect free bore and the most consistent chamber possible.

All Daniel Defense cold hammer forged barrels are made from start to finish in our state-of-the-art facility located in Black Creek, GA. In keeping with our heritage of not cutting corners, all cold hammer forged barrels feature a forged chamber and highest quality exterior coating. These barrels will prove themselves to be more accurate and last longer than a barrel that has cut or button rifling.


Manufacturing # / SKU 10.3"_Carbine_GOV_Barrel
Restricted Shipping No Exports
Caliber 5.56mm NATO
Barrel Length 10.3"
Manuf. Process Cold Hammer Forged
Twist Rate 1:7
Muzzle Thread 1⁄2×28 TPI (Threads Per Inch)
Material Chrome Moly Vanadium
Outside Finish Mil-Spec Heavy Phosphate
Inside Finish Chrome
Gas System Carbine Length
Diameter At Gas Port .750″
Barrel Extension A4
Profile Government
Weight 1.5 lb.
Manufacturer Daniel Defense


All NFA laws apply.  If you are uncertain if you can own this, check federal National Firearms Act, also with your state authorities.  I am not your lawyer.  You need to make sure you can own it.

Note:  All ITAR regulations apply.  Charlie's deals in the real McCoy.  Your item most likely has parts that cannot be shipped outside of the USA, or owned in the USA by non-US Persons.  You take accountability to safeguard parts and the entire upper, and get necessary approvals to transport outside of the USA.