Mk18 complete 10.3" URG - Colt / Daniel Defense - upper receiver group

$1,519.00 - $1,629.00
Assembled to Order, Ships in 2 to 4 weeks

Daniel Defense / Colt Mk18 upper receiver with 10.3” chrome line barrel

This is Charlie’s exclusive: Mk18 with authentic Colt receiver and the real deal Daniel Defense Mk18 RIS-II in FDE. This combination is the same used by US Navy on-board ships, and Navy Seals in combat theater. Custom built by Potomac Armory with Colt and Daniel Defense installed components.

At Charlie's, we have a number of Mk18 upper receiver groups.  From military correct, to Daniel Defense commercial upper receiver groups.  We have a good many customers who want the military correct clone uppers, and we offer those.  We also have customers who want the more commercial interpretation that Daniel Defense offers.  This model is right smack in the middle. More "clone correct" than a Daniel Defense factory Mk18 upper, but less intense and less expensive than the military correct versions we offer.  For many, it is a great middle ground, and is priced in between the purist Mk18 military Mod 1 and the Daniel Defense Mk18 factory upper with the Daniel Defense branding on the upper receiver.

All new, unfired (except for testing). Believe me, we have done our honest best to keep the prices down, but when you are looking a quality Colt and DD parts, each item is expensive. At Charlie's, we have deep supplier relationships, including dealer and OEM pricing where we can, but this is an expensive build. And, we have left off a few things and gong light on others to keep the costs down, but good materials and great shooting equipment are not inexpensive.

This is a serious military firearm upper.

  • Colt M4 upper receiver - in 2022, Colt is making CAGE coded Brass Aluminum (square forged) upper receivers, with T-marks painted and dry lube interior.  Colt also makes Cerro forged (key hole) uppers.  If you desire this model, there is an extended wait time.
  • Daniel Defense Mk18 RIS-II free floating rail in FDE (or Black upon request). The FDE is really a dark brown, so with the FDE ladder rails, it is tough to tell the difference between black and FDE, or at least, it will not jump out at you.
  • Mil-spec complete bolt carrier group, mil-spec phosphated finish. Note: for effective reliable shooting with a 10.3" barrel, you need a high quality bolt and carrier group, especially if you might be shooting rapid fire or suppressed.
  • Mil-spec charging handle, 7075 forged aluminum with hard coat anodizing, per military spec.
  • Carbine profile mil spec barrels, either Colt or Daniel Defense 10.3” M4 Government profile barrel 1:7 twist 5.56 NATO chamber with 0.07” gas port and carbine gas system, phosphated chrome-moly steel and chrome-lined
  • low profile gas block, mil-spec Mk12 Mod 0 gas blocks. 
  • Your choice of flash hiders to meet your needs, your budget, and suppressed options, like a Surefire suppressor.

Everything you need to attach to your NFA lower or pistol lower.

Made in the USA!

All NFA laws apply.  If you are uncertain if you can own this, check federal National Firearms Act, also with your state authorities.  I am not your lawyer.  You need to make sure you can own it.

Note:  All ITAR regulations apply.  Charlie's deals in the real McCoy.  Your item most likely has parts that cannot be shipped outside of the USA, or owned in the USA by non-US Persons.  You take accountability to safeguard parts and the entire upper, and get necessary approvals to transport outside of the USA. 

Note: Any serial number(s) in photos are not necessarily the same serial number as the item that will ship. Also, for items where I am selling more than one of the same item, the pictures are meant to be representative of the item that will ship and show you the details of the item. Packaging also can vary, one item to the next.