Mk18 Mod1 Upper Receiver Group Colt Daniel Defense - military correct

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Mk18 Upper Receiver Group Mod 1, Military Correct

Get ready for something really special. For sale: Mk18 Mod1 complete upper receiver group (URG) all top shelf, historically correct parts.

I know, this is very, very, very cool. This is where Charlie's is bringing you the best. I just learned something from my daughter. Yes, I am a slow learner to the Hollywood culture, but this bitch is drop the mic bad. Hmm. I probably got that one wrong…

Please do not look at the price, just not yet. Or, at least, never, NEVER, show this to your wife or girlfriend. The wife will complain about her kitchen or deck she wants, and the girlfriend will just flat leave your ass.

I am not saying you can’t spend more, because you can. This is a top-shelf Mk18 that will blow your socks off, but you could spend more. This is an 8 on the Richter scale. You could get to a 10, but spending another $1k will not make it any better.

Okay, so here it is:

-- Colt M4 upper receiver. Mil-spec perfection. This is what you want. This is not Spikes, this is not Mega, or some cool looking yellow rifle upper, this is the real deal.

-- Daniel Defense Mk18 RIS-II free floating rail, in perfect FDE proportion. Not Cerakoted, but anodized FDE. Yes, you cannot buy this rail. Yes, Charlies got it for you. If you ask anymore, I will have to … (don’t ask).  This one comes with period-correct FDE ladder rails. Nothing wrong with the black rail covers that DD makes now, but it is just not Mk18 correct. We know that. Don’t bubba your clone, get the real deal. The real McCoy.

-- Colt complete bolt carrier group, mil-spec phosphated finish. Note: for effective reliable shooting with a 10.3" barrel, you need a high quality bolt and carrier group, especially if you might be shooting rapid fire or suppressed. Colt is what our men and women fighting the enemy use and rely upon to save their lives. Yes, there is a lot built into a Colt bolt and carrier group that you will never need. But you got it anyway.

-- PRI gas-buster charging handle. This is the crème del la crème of military charging handles. Yes that is French. Yes, the French know how to retreat better than any other army… except maybe the Italians. You know what I am saying. When you're bustin’ lose with suppressed fire or something fast and furious like full auto or near to it, an SBR is going to kick your ass with smoke and gasses, and your wife will kick you out of bed. The PRI gas buster keeps the gas moving forward and out of your face.

-- Colt 10.3” SOCOM chrome-line mil-spec barrel with 0.07” gas port and carbine gas system. This is the best 10.3” barrel out there. I know what you are thinking: SOCOM profiles did not get into the Mk18. Yes, you are correct. If would rather have the M4 Government profile, we can swap that out with a Daniel Defense (correct gas port size) chrome-line barrel. But, Charlies is bringing you an exclusive thicker barrel, which we know you will enjoy. Note: The Colt 10.3” barrel came to us from Colt as a 10.3” SOCOM barrel, but was made for the Colt monolithic 6940 rifle, and was an over-run on a contract. The Colt 6940 does not use an M4 extension with feed-ramps (don’t ask, not sure why). We had a Colt armorer re-fit this barrel with an M4 extension, double-measure head-spacing and improve the gas port to the desired 0.070” size. This is not a cut-down. It has all the Colt markings under the rail that you would expect from a Colt 10.3” factory barrel.

-- Knights Armament (KAC) NT4 flash hider. Bam! In your face, the Real McCoy again. If you are not happy with this design, you can opt for an A2 flash hider or a Surefire SOCOM flash hider, which are also good on your Mk18.

-- Mk12 low profile gas block. Yes, the Mk12, which is one of two military correct gas blocks for the Mk18. Yes, extra cost, but you get the correct parts.  Charlie's sources Mk12 gas blocks from Daniel Defense, Badger Ordnance and Potomac Armory.

-- Knights Armament (KAC) front BUIS. You get a factory new KAC 99051 taupe front folding sight, yes, crème de la crème.  If you want black, we should have that as well.  Ask.

-- Matech USGI rear BUIS. The real deal, not the Picatinny Engineering logo type, the military issue rear back-up sight. Nothing wrong with PE logo, I have them on another great upper, but for the Mk18, you want everything combat ready and USGI, or something dreamed up at Crane.

Made in USA, not shipped outside the USA.

Please feel free to ask questions before you buy.

Note: Any serial number(s) in photos are not necessarily the same serial number as the item that will ship. Also, for items where I am selling more than one of the same item, the pictures are meant to be representative of the item that will ship and show you the details of the item. Packaging also can vary, one item to the next.

All NFA laws apply.. If you are uncertain if you can own this, check federal National Firearms Act, also with your state authorities. I am not your lawyer. You need to make sure you can own it.

Note: All ITAR regulations apply. Charlie's deals in the real McCoy. Your item most likely has parts that cannot be shipped outside of the USA, or owned in the USA by non-US Persons. You take accountability to safeguard parts and the entire upper, and get necessary approvals to transport outside of the USA.