Colt 10.3" Mk18 barrel, "Crane style" Government Profile w/FSB

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Colt 10.3" Mk18 barrel (Crane) with Front Sight Base

This barrel is the 10.3" Colt Mk18 barrel.  This is the barrel for a Mk18 Mod 0 build, or for a custom short barreled rifle.  Typical M4 (thin) profile, which is historically correct, and produced in the exact same manner in which the early barrels were made in NSWC Crane, in Indiana.  

Standard Colt chrome-lined, to last almost forever, and that includes throwing it in the mud.  Front Sight Base (FSB) and barrel nut included. 

This is a Colt factory barrel, which has been cut-down by our friends at Compass Lake Engineering (CLE).  Compass Lake is well known for their extreme barrel craftsmanship, and we work very closely with the CLE team to produce perfectly aligned and balanced barrels.  This barrel has been cut, crowned and the gas port enlarged to 0.070" for optimal performance in a 10.3" suppressed or unsuppressed SBR / CQBR.  The result is that the barrel has minimal Colt markings.  There is no Colt "C" or CAGE code.  For those in the know, you will find tell-tale signs that it is a Colt.  Most have the date stamp, for example, near the FSB.  Some have the original barrel maker stamp, like "W" or "G" for the actual barrel maker near the extension.  MP 5.56 NATO 1:7.

For those who shun cut-downs:  We had some of the best barrelsmiths do the cut-down work, and re-crown each barrel to Colt standards.  The original Mk18s were cut-down by the Navy smiths at Crane, so you are in good company.

This is a perfect barrel for a Mk18 Mod 0 build, or for a custom short barreled rifle.  

Note:  This is a regularly stocked item, but we typically have limited supplies at any given time, and will go out of stock.  We get new stock in every month or two.  LIMIT of ONE BARREL PER CUSTOMER.

Made in USA - for sale only in the USA

We take special care in bringing you the best in short barrels, and use the best artisans, both in-house, and in our extended supply chain, when something has to be engineered to a Colt production barrel.  Our collectors and cloners will want the 10.3" barrel for historical accuracy.  The Daniel Defense is a great option, as it is now being used by US Special Forces in limited numbers, and is readily available and affordable.  For more authenticity, choose a Colt 10.3" barrel. 

Shooters and law enforcement typically choose the 11.5" barrel, as it has better overall performance, especially in the heavy (SOCOM) profile. Our LE customers tell us that they will only use Colt barrels in 10.3" to 14.5" lengths.  Colt truly does dominate that market, while other barrel companies own the long-range and sniper market.

As always, we are here to help.  Drop us a line, or use our online CHAT to ask about our short barrels.

Note on pics:  no flash hider included.  Barrel Nut IS INCLUDED.  No delta ring - attaches to the rear of the barrel nut



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