Aimpoint military optics at Charlie's Custom Clones

Aimpoint produces some of the most recognized and combat proven red dot and reflex optics on the market today. Charlie’s is a direct dealer with Aimpoint, and is proud to offer Aimpoint optics built for battle, or for the range.

Aimpoint is best known for the M68 CCO which was one of the optics of choice on many M4 rifles in the early days of the Global War on Terror. The M68 CCO is the Aimpoint CompM2, and today, Aimpoint produces the same footprint in the PRO – the Patrol Rifle Optic. The Aimpoint PRO provides an upgrade in optical performance over the earlier CompM2, while keeping the same well known exterior housing. Charlie’s Custom Clones has taken the Aimpoint PRO, and outfitted it with the older style covers for the battery, windage and elevation as well as the older M68 triangle shaped rubber band and packed with a Wilcox mount combo, for example, to provide the military correct clone enthusiast with an M68 CCO period correct package, while leveraging the updated Aimpoint PRO optics to give the collector and shooting enthusiast the best of both worlds.

Aimpoint produces a variety of close range rifle optics as well as pistol reflex “RMR” type sights, and CCC has curated the offering to bring you the best of Aimpoint, both for the military correct rifle, the law enforcement officer and the shooting enthusiast who is looking for the best in reflex and red-dot sights.

At Charlie’s Custom Clones you will find factory Aimpoint optics, as well as combo packages, like the Aimpoint T2 with a Geissele mount, or the CompM5 with Geissele mount combo, and the M68 CCO Aimpoint PRO Wilcox mount combo.