Precision Reflex (PRI) SPR Straight Rifle Length Top Rail for Gen III Round Forearms

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Precision Reflex (PRI) AR15 SPR Straight Rifle Length Top Rail for PRI Gen III Round Forearms

The Rifle length SPR top rail for Gen III round forearms is a full Picatinny rail that connects the receiver to the forearm. 

This is the rail to have, if your round handguard has a barrel nut connection that is larger in diameter than the round forearm.

The forearms 8.5" rail with lugs is required to install top rail. The 8.5" rail with lugs is standard on rifle length forearm with standard rail configuration. To help with alignment of the top rail to the full length top rail loosen screws holding 8.5" rail to allow it to slide back and forth. Install full length top rail and install the 2 1/4 x 20 flat head screws and then tighten everything down.


Model: 05-SPR-01