Colt 14.5" SOCOM barrel w/FSB - "C" stamp - NOS

Discontinued by Manufacturer, we get a few in from time to time. When available, ships within 3 days +/-

Authentic Colt 14-1/2" M4 SOCOM profile barrel, with FSB - "C" Stamp New Old Stock

The real deal 14.5" SOCOM barrel from Colt.  What else can we say?

This is "new old stock" (NOS) Genuine Colt manufactured many years ago.  Some were acquired as new replacement barrels, and others were removed from new Colt rifles produced generally in the 2012 to 2016 period, and kept in climate controlled storage.  Bagged in Milspec white plastic or blue VCI plastic, and brought out of storage from time to time for our customers. 

We, at Charlie's Custom Clones realize that this barrel is far more expensive that it should be, and if you are in the market for a great performing barrel, you should pick a different, current production Colt barrel.  This barrel is like fine wine, and we incur costs in storing and capital costs in maintaining inventory for years and years.  We also buy older barrels and rifles from dealers who are going out of business and so forth, but have held Colt products for years, and we pay a very high premium.  This barrel is for the 1% of Colt buyers who want or need that specific barrel from a specific period in time, and for those who want a "C" stamped SOCOM barrel, we are here for you.

- "C" Stamped

- "F" marked sight base

- Milspec Colt barrel nut included

- Flash hider and sling loop, not included

Optional pinned flash hider for 16" street legal use.  If you want a muzzle device pin and welded, purchase the muzzle device, and contact our sales team for pricing of our concierge pin and weld service.  We send out our barrels to the best pin and weld shop in the business, and our sales team can price that for you.  If you have a particular barrel nut you want to use for a different application, you can mail that to us, and we will remove the FSB, install your barrel nut, and reinstall the FSB without additional cost.  Just put that in the comments when you check out.

Note:  The unpinned barrel is subject to all NFA laws and local regulatory oversight for a short-barreled rifle.  Be sure you are familiar with all laws and that you can own and possess a short rifle barrel, or short barreled rifle. ITAR item.