Colt 14.5" M4A1 SOCOM barrel w/ FSB - CAGE code

$396.00 - $725.00
pin and welded barrels are made to order. Exepect 3 to 4 weeks to ship

Authentic Colt 14-1/2" M4 SOCOM profile barrel, with FSB.

The real deal 14.5" SOCOM barrel from Colt.  What else can we say?

Optional pinned flash hider for 16" street legal use.  1:7 twist chrome-line SOCOM barrel marked with Colt CAGE Code.  Current Production.

Charlie's also offers the identical barrel, already pinned and welded from FN here.

Note:  The unpinned barrel is subject to all NFA laws and local regulatory oversight for a short-barreled rifle.  Be sure you are familiar with all laws and that you can own and possess a short rifle barrel, or short barreled rifle.



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