Colt 14.5" M4A1 SOCOM barrel w/ FSB - CAGE code

$359.00 - $635.00
pin and welded barrels are made to order. Exepect 3 to 4 weeks to ship

Authentic Colt 14-1/2" M4 SOCOM profile barrel, with FSB.

The real deal 14.5" SOCOM barrel from Colt.  What else can we say?

Optional pinned flash hider for 16" street legal use.  1:7 twist chrome-lined 4150 CMV steel, Colt factory made SOCOM barrel marked with Colt CAGE Code.  Current Production.

Charlie's also offers the identical barrel, already pinned and welded from FN.

Note:  This barrel will come with factory front sight post and mil spec barrel nut.  IF YOU ARE USING A DIFFERENT RAIL, let us know, and send us the barrel nut.  We will install the barrel nut for your rail.  If you wish, we can assemble your entire upper receiver group for you for a small fee.  Keep in-mind that a barrel nut cannot be removed once the muzzle device is attached.  We have a certain number of muzzle devices that we have committed to the manufacturers to use with this barrel, but each barrel is pinned and welded as ordered, except for the Colt factory extended A2, which comes fully assembled from Colt.

Note:  The unpinned barrel is subject to all NFA laws and local regulatory oversight for a short-barreled rifle.  Be sure you are familiar with all laws and that you can own and possess a short rifle barrel, or short barreled rifle.

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