FN 14.7" SOCOM barrel w/ FSB - CAGE code pin & welded

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Authentic FN 147" M4 SOCOM profile barrel, with FSB.

Pinned and welded with A2 flash hider for an overall length of 16.1"

This is an FN factory barrel, usually a take-off from a new factory rifle.  FN brings you the 14.7" size to allow for a standard A2 birdcage flash hider to be pinned and welded, giving an overall legal length to your rifle.  Comes with barrel nut attached.

Original FN barrel, used on the SOCOM Military Collecto rifle, this barrel is 5.56 NATO chamber with a 1:7 twist carbon chrome-moly phosphated chrome-line steel, button broached and chrome lined. A-frame A2 front sight base is "F" marked, for use with flat-top military spec receivers.  Standard barrel nut is included.  No sling swivel is attached.  Front sight pin and barrel nut is included.

Both the Colt and FN use the same military spec chrome-lined buttoned broached rifling.  For all intents and purposes, this is identical to the Colt barrel.  FN is the supplier to the US Military for M4 replacement barrels as well as the M16 rifle.

The barrel is identical to the Colt SOCOM barrel, which we sell here.

Note:  some pics may show the extended flash hider on a 14.5" barrel, which is also available.  Update to pics will occur over time.

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