Colt 14.5" M4A1 SOCOM barrel w/ FSB and Side Sling Swivel- CAGE code - Factory pin/welded

Factory pin and welded barrels are ready to ship. Ships from our shop in 3 to 5 days (+/-)

Authentic Colt 14.5" (pinned to 16") M4 SOCOM profile barrel, with FSB


The real deal 14.5" SOCOM barrel with Colt factory pinned extended A2 flash hider (for a non-NFA 16" barrel). 

Includes Colt side sling swivel and delta ring assembly.  What else can we say?

Pinned flash hider for 16" street legal use.  1:7 twist chrome-lined 4150 CMV steel, Colt factory made SOCOM barrel marked with Colt CAGE Code.  Current Production. These barrels are take-offs from the Colt 14.5" SOCOM rifle.  Colt factory pinned and welded barrels will see the silver solder on the bottom of the flash hider.  We have a picture of that.  This is ready to go, which makes this barrel highly desirable, and often out of stock.  Unlike most barrel kits, this version includes the barrel nut and full 3-piece Colt delta ring assemble, so it is ready to assemble to your AR15 or M4 receiver.  Just add a gas tube.

The Colt 14.5" SOCOM profile barrels are known for both their accuracy and their durability.  With a phosphate coating and chrome lining, this barrel will probably outlast the rest of your rifle.  Colt SOCOM barrels are of the most respected, and most often sought after by military clone rifle enthusiasts.  Makes for a perfect Block 1 !!!

Charlie's also offers the identical barrel, again, already pinned and welded but without the side sling swivel and delta ring assembly.


  • Colt factory barrel - new - take off from full rifle
  • Colt 14.5" SOCOM FSB Carbine barrel with M203 flats
  • Colt factory pin and welded extended A2 flash hider
  • Colt factory installed side sling swivel
  • Colt factory installed delta ring assembly
  • Colt factory installed A-frame A2 front sight post with bayonet lug and "F" height sight
  • Colt military CAGE code stamped
  • Barrel is 14.5", 1:7, 5.56 NATO, HP Tested, MPI, phosphate exterior 4150 CMV steel alloy with chrome lined finish, SOCOM heavy profile.

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