Vortex Razor HD-E Gen II 1-6x Scope with Geissele DDC SOPMOD mount COMBO

$1,625.00 - $1,645.00
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Vortex Razor HD Gen-II-E 1-6x Scope with Geissele DDC SOPMOD mount combo

This is a Charlie's exclusive.  With our planning around the USASOC Upper Receiver Group Clone, we decided to offer a great scope and mount combo.

The new lightweight Vortex Razor HD-Gen II with the 1-6x SOCOM scope, paired with the Geissele SOPMOD certified mount in Desert Dark Color (DDC), and your choice of MRAD or BDC reticles.

The Vortex Razor HD Gen-II-E 1-6x24 Riflescope

Currently, one of the scopes available to SOCOM units, many units have been pairing this scope with the new M4 URG Improved for USASOC.

Perfect for the AR platform, the Gen II-E 1-6 is a top-tier optical solution for short to medium-range tactical applications. Optically, it delivers the highest level of clarity, resolution, color accuracy, light transmission, and edge-to-edge sharpness. The ultra-forgiving eyebox with generous eye relief generates a heads-up-display-like sight picture for fast target acquisition and optimal monitoring of the surrounding environment. A true, daylight-bright illuminated center dot gives shooters ultimate close-quarters versatility.

New for 2018, the "E" version is 1/4 of a pound lighter.

Magnification 1-6 x
Objective Lens Diameter 24 mm
Eye Relief 4 inches
Field of View 115.2-20.5 feet/100 yards
Tube Size 30 mm
Turret Style Low Capped
Adjustment Graduation 1/2 MOA
Travel per Rotation 50 MOA
Max Elevation Adjustment 150 MOA
Max Windage Adjustment 150 MOA
Parallax Setting 100 yards
Length 10.1 inches
Weight 21.5 ounces


The Geissele SOPMOD Certified Scope Mount

SOPMOD Certified Super Precision Scope Mount, specifically made to be used with Vortex 1-6 Scopes.

This AR-15 Scope Mount is part of The Geissele SOPMOD Certified Series features Geissele products currently in use by top tier military and counter-terrorism units throughout the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).

SOPMOD is a USSOCOM program that allows Special Operations personnel to configure their weapons to individual preferences and mission requirements. The program is an approved accessory system for the M4A1 carbine, FN SCAR Mk 16/17 and other weapons used by USSOCOM. A SOPMOD outfitted weapon will increase operator lethality by enhanced weapon performance, target acquisition, signature suppression, and fire control. Every Geissele item offered in the Geissele SOPMOD series line has been put through rigorous U.S. Government testing and certification by USSOCOM for use by their Special Forces combat soldiers.

Performance and reliability are top priority when it comes to developing products for USSOCOM, and now civilians can own the same combat proven products found in the hands of these top tier units. With almost a decade of experience in the engineering and development of superior weapon components, why trust your life with anything else? Geissele is there to help you save the day.

Note on availability:  With high demand for the scope and for the mount, we are often back-ordered for one or the other, so please be patient.  If you are ordering this combo, you know you are getting a great deal.  If you order and the wait is too long, you can cancel up to the point we are ready to ship, and receive a full refund on this combo.  If the scope is available before the mount, we will ship the scope, and then follow-up with the mount.  If the scope is back-ordered and the mount is available, we will wait, unless you ask us to ship the mount first.