Spuhr 35mm Picatinny Mount 0 MOA 1.35" high SP-5006

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SPUHR 35mm Picatinny Mount 0 MOA 1.35" high

Designed for Leupold Mark 5 3-18x44 scopes, solid and no cant, screw attachment

A Sphur is an excellent upgrade to your long range shooting.  The solid grab of a Sphur will hold your Mark 5 in such a manner that it will not move and not scar the exterior of your scope.  The Spuhr 35mm Unimount, part of the ISMS family, is designed for the modern marksman, especially one with a gun that has a kick to it.  

This advanced scope mounting interface features a considerable centerline height of 1.35 inches, a perfect height for mounting the intermediate range scopes like the Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44mm, as the 44 mm objective lens housing does not need a very high mount to clear the longer Picatinny rails ahead of the scope, thus allowing for an optimal low mounting, closer to the bore and flight of the bullet, while allowing enough room for the objective lens to clear the forward Picatinny rail.

The SP-5006’s overall design has been optimized for durability, ease of use and customization. The rings are diagonally cut for better visibility of the windage and elevation turrets, and the interior contact surfaces feature grooved texturing which can be used with adhesive to better secure the scope in place. This option is perfect for firearms prone to sever vibrations such as bench-rest shooters or for those used in off-road vehicles. In addition, the Spuhr SP-5002 is equipped with seven sets of interfaces to attach over 40 different accessories, making customization options virtually unlimited.


  • Rings: 35mm (fits Leupold Mark 5)
  • Centerline Height: 1.35”/34mm (suitable for scopes with medium-sized objective lens, like a 44mm)
  • Length: 4.96” 
  • Weight: 8.9 ounces
  • Cant: 0 MIL/0 MOA
  • Rear bubble level

The  IDEAL SCOPE MOUNT SYSTEM  series of mounts feature  seven set of  interfaces to attach any of more  than 40 different accessories, and has a bubble level integrated in the rear plane of the mount body to prevent canting of the rifle. The rings are diagonally cut for increased visibility of the elevation and windage turrets

The mounts are machined from billet 7075 T651 aluminum and all aluminum parts are hardcoat anodized. The Torx 20 ring and clamping screws are zinc-nickel coated for corrosion resistance. The screws come pre-waxed from the factory to ensure proper torque values. The mount is shipped with a manual and a “wedge” leveling key.