Geissele Ultra Duty Checkered Takedown Pin Set

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Geissele Ultra Duty Checkered Takedown Pin Set

when you want the best - whether you need it or not

The Geissele Ultra Duty Checkered Takedown and Pivot Pins are precision machined out of stainless steel for its longevity and anti-rusting properties.  You might ask:  "Is this something I really need?"  Probably not.  But some Gucci to add to a great AR15 can make it your gun and part of the quality that you want in all the extras.  Geissele does not have to make these pins.  Most firearms companies buy from all the same mass producers, and there is nothing wrong with that.  Geissele has chosen to make a lot of their own parts.

The Ultra Duty name means top of the line.  The Geissele Ultra Duty Take-down Pins  feature a texture matching our Maritime Bolt Catch to complete the high end look of your carbine. Includes high quality take down detents and springs.

If you are starting a new build, you might want to consider Ultra Duty.  If you are replacing what you have, then you can donate your perfectly good pins to a friend.

Ultra Duty Checkered Takedown Pin Set Includes:
1.  Checkered Pivot Pin
2.  Checkered Takedown Pin
3.  Takedown Detents (2 QTY)
4.  Takedown Detent Springs (2 QTY)