Geissele Ultra Duty Lower Parts Kit (LPK) in DDC - no grip - no fire control

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Geissele Ultra Duty Lower Parts Kit (LPK) with enhanced trigger guard

without grip or Fire Control in DDC

Let's face it.  This is the kit most people want.  Pick your trigger, pick your grip, and Uncle Bill provides you with an amazing base LPK with the crazy perfect trigger guard in DDC and the Maritime bolt catch.  What is not to like.  Is is expensive?  Yeah, a little. But, it is a great lower parts kit.  Great from an engineering perspective, and great from a design perspective.

Geissele offers two or three levels of lower parts kits, if you include the ALG.  This is the top of the line from Geissele.  Add a Geissele trigger, and a B5, Geissele or Mapgul grip, and you are all set.  Maybe a DDC buffer tube.

> Includes the Maritime Bolt Catch

> Includes Geissele’s Ultra Precision Trigger Guard - a 5-axis machined out of a solid block of billet 7075 -T6 aluminum and Type-3 hardcoat anodize

> Offered in Desert Dirt Color (DDC)


The Geissele Ultra Duty Lower Parts Kit is made for the most demanding operators and includes all the internal parts necessary to complete or rebuild your lower receiver. This top-tier LPK features proprietary Geissele designs, machined with great care at a facility located in North Wales, PA. Key components are made from Stainless Steel, which offers a much longer life-span and a much lower chance of rusting or failing in extreme conditions or under heavy use.

The Geissele Ultra Duty LPK includes the Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch, famous for its aggressive texturing and extended paddles, and an Ambidextrous Super Configurable Safety, which features the ability to easily and securely swap and exchange the safety levers plus provides the end user a satisfying and positive tactile feedback when the safe or fire position is engaged. The takedown pins and mag release button feature the same tank treading as the Maritime Bolt Catch, giving your rifle a tasteful and cohesive look.

Included in the Ultra Duty LPK is Geissele’s Ultra Precision Trigger Guard, 5-axis machined out of a solid block of billet 7075 -T6 aluminum and Type-3 hardcoat anodize to ensure that your build stands apart from any other.

The Geissele Ultra Duty Lower Parts Kit Includes

1. Takedown Pin & Pivot Pin Detents (2)
2. Takedown Pin & Pivot Pin Springs (2)
3. Checkered Takedown Pivot Pin
4. Bolt Catch Plunger
5. Bolt Catch Spring
6. Bolt Catch Coiled Pin
7. Maritime Bolt Catch
8. Safety Detent
9. Buffer Retainer
10. Buffer Retainer Spring
11. Safety Detent Spring
12. Checkered Takedown Pin
13. Magazine Release Button
14. Magazine Release Spring
15. Super Configurable Safety Selector
16. Magazine Catch
17. Coiled Trigger Guard Pin
18. Geissele Ultra Precision™ 5 Axis Trigger Guard
19. Hex Key

Manufacture's Part Number:  05-435S