D. D. Ross Custom Tactical Bolt Knob for Remington 700

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D. D. Ross Custom Tactical Bolt Knob for Remington 700

Exceptional Tactical Upgrade: DD Ross Bolt Knob

Beyond the Norm: A Tactical Evolution

Transcending the conventional shooting experience, we present to you the DD Ross Tactical Bolt Knob. This unique contraption, a precious component of the esteemed DD Ross Law Enforcement Tactical rifles, infuses your Remington 700 with a refreshing dose of potency. Built from the finest American steel, its durability outshines others, promising a service life that spans across generations. The bolt knob's extended design conveniently clears your rifle scope, allowing for swift and efficient ammunition reloads.

Masterstroke of Precision: A New Paradigm

Harnessing the power of avant-garde CNC lathe technology, our Tactical Bolt Knob is meticulously carved from bar stock, guaranteeing a seamless fit and an immaculate finish. The exterior of the bolt knob presents an artful blend of knurling and grooves, securing a steadfast grip and facilitating an intuitive user interface. Its ability to adapt universally to any bolt handle and the provision of internal threading to 5/16” x 24 TPI render it an indispensable addition to your tactical arsenal.

In the Footsteps of Giants: An Unsurpassed Heritage

The DD Ross Tactical Bolt Knob comes with the weight and prestige of unparalleled craftsmanship. Drawing from a rich past that involves designing and crafting the fabled USMC M40A3 and several key components of the Marine sniper rifle, the DD Ross Company upholds the highest standards of quality and reliability for this bolt knob. Delivered in its raw state or 'in the white,' it stands ready for a bespoke finish – a media blast, Cerakote, black oxide, or a selection of other gun coatings – as per the user or gunsmith's discerning taste.

Note:  One picture shows the knob blackened.  Charlie's typically ships in raw steel format, for the gunsmith to coat to match the rest of the bolt assembly.  If you wish to have your knob blackened, as our sales team, that is a separate charge.

If you have a standard Remington bolt knob, and are wondering how to install this, we have a picture of the work that a custom bolt shop can do to create a threaded end, to which the Ross bolt knob is attached.  We are Charlie's do not provide this service, but there are a number of talented gunsmiths who can do this for you for a very reasonable fee.