Colt 16" AR15 5.56 NATO carbine barrel, mid-weight

Discontinued by Manufacturer, ships from our shop if available, in 3 days +/-



Offered for sale is a new AR-15 5.56mm NATO 16" Colt licensed carbine barrel, mid-weight with M4 feedramps on the extension, with .750 gas shoulder, Chrome-Moly Steel with Phosphate finish. This is a new barrel, not a take-off, so not drilled for gas block pins.



This barrel is manufactured under Colt licensing and sold as Colt Competion. Most Colt barrels come chrome lined. This barrel has no chrome lining. Chrome lining is perfect for Colt military barrels, as the chrome takes more of a beating from the heat of automatic or rapid fire and the dirt and grime of battle. Chrome lining also is a negative influence on accuracy. A barrel without chrome lining, all other things being equal, will provide greater accuracy, which is where Colt Competition shines. The company assembling and selling Colt Competition rifles recently went out of business, and now their non-chromed competition barrels are offered here for sale at a huge savings