Gun Accessories & Tactical Gear

Charlie’s Custom Clones brings you a curated selection of tactical gear and accessories for your rifle, pistol and ammo. Our selection is targeted at the military and law enforcement community and clone builders looking for that one special accessory. We are not a tactical super store, but what you will find here is a selection of tactical gear that is most commonly asked for when customers come to CCC for a rifle.

We feature a selection of magazines, targeted USGI and military correct slings, gun bags, a lot of vendor swag, which is very popular, like hats and T-shirts, as well as a targeted selection of tools. We are not a tool store, but we like to feature tools that are unique, made by small craftsman, or are a real value buy. Some of our tools are small items, that quite frankly, get the job done and are a value buy. Not everything needs to cost a fortune. The same with gun bags and shooting mats. We all need them, and we offer a few and at different price points.