Geissele barrel nut wrench

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Geissele barrel nut wrench

Hi strength steel tool for Geissele barrel nut installation and removal.  This one will last a long time.  Very solid.  The Geissele Barrel Nut Wrench is designed to be used with Geissele Barrel Nuts and also with Mil Spec AR15/M4 Barrel nuts.

Geissele Automatics is known for producing high-quality weapon components, and also for tools.  At Charlie's, we are not your Ace Hardware Store for all things tools, but when we find a tool that works, we use it, and then share it for our customers. 

This specialized tool helps users to install or remove Geissele barrel nuts and handguards on their AR platform weapons. It is machined from steel and has a phosphate coating for superior durability. The barrel nut wrench is an essential tool for those assembling or disassembling Geissele AR components and features a square slot for use with torque wrench handles.


  • For Geissele barrel nuts and handguards
  • Machined from steel
  • Phosphate coated
  • Square slot for Torque handles