AAC Blackout universal 3-prong flash hider installation and removal tool

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AAC Universal 3-prong flash hider installation and removal tool

Universal tool for three prong flash hider installation and removal - Perfect for AAC Breakout, Blackout, Surefire SOCOM 3-Prong, Dead Air, Rugged, Silencerco

Charlie's loves US made tools that just work.  We are not your Ace Hardware Store for gunsmithing tools, but occasionally we find a tool that works, and that is what you find on our Website.

AAC made this socket back in 2016-ish for their Blackout and Breakout flash hiders.  Turns out, it works with almost any 3-prong flash hider.  Tested on Surefire, Dead Air, Rugged, FN and Slicencerco.  I will not work with Sons of Liberty NOX flash hiders.  You can insert a 3/8" socket driver, or the exterior has flats for a 3/4" wrench.

This AAC Blackout Flash Hider Installation Tool is an excellent solution for armorers, gunsmiths and/or gun enthusiasts to quickly and easily install or remove many 3-prong flash hiders without marring its finish or damaging the teeth of a quick detach silencer interface when applying the required torque for the job.  We recommend some painter's masking tape or electrician's black rubber tape, just to be sure.

  • Solid Steel
  • Black Nitride finish
  • Made by AAC in 2022 or later

Compatible with

  • AAC Blackout
  • AAC Breakout
  • Surefire SOCOM 3-prong
  • Surefire SOCOM Warcomp open tine
  • Rugged R3 flash hiders
  • Dead Air flash hider
  • Silencerco ASR flash hider

Note:  Is not compatible with SOLGW NOX flash hider

Manufacture's Part Number:  64185

What you need to work with

  • 3-prong flash hider
  • Rocksett clear sealant
  • bench vise with padded jaws
  • painter's tape or electrical tape
  • 3/8" torque wrench (20 to 100 ft-lbs) or 3/4" flat wrench
  • solvent, e.g. acetone
  • reaction rod to hold the barrel in place is recommended

Note:  This can be a DIY project, but Charlie's always recommends you use a qualified armorer or gunsmith.  As with any firearm, care should be taken to make sure the firearm is not loaded.  You are working with the barrel !!

Pictures courtesy of AAC and Suppressor Tools, Limited