AR15 Upper Receiver Vice Block

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AR15 Upper Receiver Vice Block

One thing we like in the shop is simple, and good.  Charlie's tries to bring you the best of the best in the shop.  This is a new tool from VISM, and while also part of our Value Collection, this is a no nonsense tool.  

Charlie's Value Collection is curated to provide you some really good products, that are priced less than other brands.  Charlie's products tend to be the best of the best, but when we find products, like this one, which work great, and are priced below other brands, we pick and choose a few.  This item, like a few others in our Value Collection are made in China, which is unusual for Charlie's made in USA heritage.

This tool holds your upper receiver in-place while you change your barrel, or add a new gas block or front rail.  We have been using a plastic clamp, and that is good, but every now and then, you get some marks on the receiver.  This tool allows you to put the upper in the vice without ever touching the receiver.  One part slides in where your bolt carrier group goes, and you tighten the base, and then put the base in the vice.


  • The modular upper receiver block can be used in several ways for many different maintenance tasks. You may use just the lower half of the block by attaching it quickly to the upper receiver with the two provided receiver pins. This allows you to clamp the AR upper receiver to a vise for maintenance work.
  • Bolting the two halves of the upper receiver block fully supports the upper receiver to prevent damage from torque twisting forces when installing or removing barrels from the receiver.
  • The upper half of the block inserts into the receiver just like a bolt carrier group. The bottom half of the block can be bolted together with the upper half with the provided steel bolts. This fully supports the inside and the bottom of the receiver and it also leaves the receiver optics rail open for mounting accessories and optics. Unlike other upper receiver blocks that bolt/clamp to the exterior of the AR receiver.
  • The upper receiver block also has a hole through the length of the block to act as a bore brush guide for cleaning out the bore of the barrel.
  • Constructed with blue anodized Aluminum.

Manufactured by VISM, a division of NcStar.  Made in China


UPC: 848754010230