Daniel Defense Bolt-up RIS-II barrel nut wrench - heavy duty


Daniel Defense barrel nut wrench

Daniel Defense heavy duty RIS Wrench

Heavy Duty version of the legacy DD RIS wrench

The Bolt-Up System Barrel Nut Wrench is a proprietary spanner wrench required to install our Bolt Up System Barrel Nut. This wrench is designed to be used with a 1⁄2 Drive Torque Wrench

The heavy duty RIS wrench is made to last for over 100 barrel nut tightenings and losenings.  If you have used the regular RIS wrench, and it bent, you will appreciate this wrench.  It is much thicker and meant to last.

The Bolt Up System Barrel Nut Wrench is used on the following rails:

  • MFR XL
  • MFR Rail
  • SLiM Rail
  • DDM4 Rail
  • AR15 Lite Rail
  • AR15 Lite Rail II
  • AR15 Lite Rail III
  • Rail Interface System II (RISII)