Upper Receiver and Barrel Parts

Upper Receivers & Gun Barrels

At our heart, Charlie’s Custom Clones is a barrels shop. We start our rifles with the best barrels for the job. A short barreled CQBR barrel is a different barrel from a 20” 7.62 sniper barrel, or a 6.5 CM match stainless barrel with 5R rifling. If you need help selecting a barrel, let us know. We work with partners to manufacture barrels and work with both the barrel blank makers and the guys who spin and chamber barrels, so we know a lot about barrels, and if it is not listed, we can get it made. We are on speed dial with all the suppliers and craftsmen in the business.

Charlie’s has a wide selection of upper receivers, ranging from older Colt “raised C” uppers to some generic mil spec upper receivers. We have commercial receivers like Daniel Defense and Colt and we have some receivers we get as extras from military contracts where capacity exists, so we have you covered.

We also have a wide selection of upper receiver parts, from Geissele and PRI charging handles to LMT and Colt Bolt Carrier Groups.

While we are not a parts shop, we do a pretty good job of stocking the right upper receiver parts. We build and assemble rifles and upper receivers, so we buy the parts by the case and sometimes by the pallet. We might not always have what you need, as our first priority goes to building, but when we have left overs, we make them available to sell as parts.