Colt AR15 / M4 / M16 Delta Ring Assembly (3-part)

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Colt AR15 / M4 / M16 Delta Ring Assembly (3-part)

Genuine Colt, recent take-off from full rilfe.  Does not include the barrel nut.  If you are buying a Colt barrel, this is the delta ring assembly you will need, as Colt factory replacement and take-off barrels do not include the delta ring and parts.

This part kit has been professionally removed, and will only show wear from Colt factory handling.  A2 style with flare that is easy to handle and install or remove.  Includes delta ring, spring and c-clip.   Charlie's is making this part available, mostly, for the barrels we sell.  We sell a lot of Colt barrels, and if you are buying a barrel, you might have a delta ring assembly, or you might need one.  Well, include this with your barrel purchase.


Note on Charlie's Parts:  Charlie's uses genuine Colt and other brand name parts both in in assembling full uppers and firearms, and also has extra parts, as a result of buying full rifles and full upper and lower assemblies.  From time to time, we remove parts and make some available for sale.  Selling small parts is not our core business, but as they come available, we are making those parts available to our customers.  In assembling, disassembling and handling, there could be some wear, but we do our best to not scratch or hurt the parts we work with.  But, Colt, for example, is known for rough handling in their assembly process, as Colt is built for battle and not for show, so you should expect some minor wear.  These are not used parts.


Colt Part Kit:  SPK94771