Front Sling, Side Swivel Mount, Stag

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Front Sling, Side Swivel Mount, Stag

Steel, two-piece unit clamps directly around the barrel between the barrel bands of the Mil-Spec front sight housing. Can be mounted at the right or left side of weapon and features a rubber-coated swivel to eliminate sling abrasion and noise.  Also fits AR-15/M16 rifles with conventional front sight housing.

Fits barrels with 0.750" journal / gas block

Charlies sources these front side swivel mounts from Colt and other vendors.  This is produced by Stag Arms.  Stag has a long history of producing solid products. For the Colt side sling swivel mount, see here

The new Stag Arms parts have the sling loop pre-riveted in place.   

a note on small parts at Charlie's

Charlie's uses this part in our rifle and upper assembly, and as such, this is a manufacturing part for us.  When we have enough inventory, we also make this available for sale. As is the case with many of our manufacturing parts, we must have these parts in-stock, and try to never run out.  With Colt that is hard, as the supply chain sometimes has parts and sometimes does not.  If you are shopping for parts, it is very likely that you will find one of two things, and this is true for this genuine Colt part:  a)  another online retailer has this part for a lower price, and/or b)  every other online retailer is out of stock.  In trying to make sure we always have stock, it is possible that our price is a little higher for small parts.  We understand that, but we also want to have the item in-stock.  Make sense?  You decide.  Our business model is to build and to buy the best assembled tactical products, and along the way also bring you great parts.  Please judge us on the whole.

We also offer the same hardware from other manufacturers.