Colt Bolt Carrier Group (BCG)

$185.00 - $365.00
ships from our shop in 3 to 5 days (+/-)

Colt Bolt Carrier Group (BCG)

Charlie's uses Colt bolts and carrier groups, largely for our builds.  But, just in-case you need a quality BCG, we are here to help.

Current Colt BCGs now come both with and without any Colt "C" identifiers on the carriers.  Most bolts will carry the MPC or MPC-2 Colt markings, but some will have the characteristic white dot, with no marks on the bolt.  Choose which you want.  The truth is that we cannot identify a quality carrier breaking.  There are a number of mil-spec carrier manufacturers, all with solid records.  Sure, you might want the Colt seal of approval on the bolt, but probably not so much on the carrier.

All carriers and bolts are ready for the toughest of assignments.  These are fully automatic M16 bolt carrier groups.  Both options are 100% Colt, the only issue is whether you need the "C" marking or not.  All cosmetic differences.

These are new Colt BCGs, either "take-offs" from full rifles that we take apart for parts, or from Colt as a new BCG.  We do not differentiate, as they are both new.  Take-offs might have some brass on the bolt, and minor wear, only as a result of test firing at Colt.

Note on "C" marked carriers:  At one time, Colt carriers were deeply stamped with a C.  If you choose to buy a Colt BCG with a C marking, be aware that the C marking as well as the bolt markings can be very faint.

a note on small parts at Charlie's

Charlie's uses this part in our rifle and upper assembly, and as such, this is a manufacturing part for us.  When we have enough inventory, we also make this available for sale. As is the case with many of our manufacturing parts, we must have these parts in-stock, and try to never run out.  With Colt that is hard, as the supply chain sometimes has parts and sometimes does not.  If you are shopping for parts, it is very likely that you will find one of two things, and this is true for this genuine Colt part:  a)  another online retailer has this part for a lower price, and/or b)  every other online retailer is out of stock.  In trying to make sure we always have stock, it is possible that our price is a little higher for small parts.  We understand that, but we also want to have the item in-stock.  Make sense?  You decide.  Our business model is to build and to buy the best assembled tactical products, and along the way also bring you great parts.  Please judge us on the whole.