LMT semi-auto 5.56 Enhanced Bolt & Carrier Group (BCG)

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LMT semi-auto 5.56 Enhanced BCG

Quite possibly, one of the best made 5.56 BCGs on the market today.

Semi-auto enhanced bolt carrier with enhanced bolt assembly. 5.56×45 (.223)

Note:  This is the top of the line enhanced bolt with semi-auto enhanced carrier.  It does not get any better.

If LMT's standard bolt is the infantryman of the gun industry, then the enhanced bolt is the delta operator.  This bolt was designed to function effectively in full-auto, suppressed, and short barrel weapon systems, and it is made of materials far more durable than your standard fare.  Quite simply, it’s the best possible upgrade for your rifle to increase reliability and functionality.

The reason you want this BCG is if you are shooting full auto or suppressed with a short barreled rifle, like the Mk18.  The shorter barrel, and the rapid fire or the suppressed fire put very intense pressure both on the bolt and the gas in the face of the operator.


  • Altered cam path for longer dwell time and more robust extraction
  • Modified gas hole improves gas flow across the bolt’s tail <- three gas holes on the left, instead of the standard two!
  • Additional gas ports on right side and modified orientation to improve gas flowing through the ejection port, and not into your face
  • Relief grooves added to the top and bottom to channel debris and maintain fluid movement
  • Note:  This is a semi-auto carrier.  This is not capable of running fully automatic fire.  Other than that, it is the same enhanced carrier as the full-auto version that is used by US Military.


  • Built from a proprietary material that is not only stronger than the standard bolt but easier to clean as well
  • Modified locking lugs provide flexibility and durability in dealing with high-pressure, overgassed loads
  • “Lobster tail” extractor utilizes two springs to allow stronger and more consistent extraction with drastically improved spring life


  • semi-auto mil-spec carrier - enhanced
  • LMT enhanced bolt