Mk18 CQBR Uppre Receiver Group - Mod0 LMT 10.5" URG

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 Mk18 Mod0 LMT 10.5" CQBR upper assembly group (URG)

Mk18 Mod0 LMT 10.5" CQBR upper, as used originially in 2001/2002

This is the Mk18 kit, which can be matched with any mil-spec lower receiver. This is a serious military grade short barreled upper, utilized by SOCOM, Navy Seals, etc. This upper is not for beginners. Please make sure you know how to use this and know the laws for owning.

One question I get on this upper, and several other Mk18 and M4A1 uppers, is, “hey, Charlie, why is this so expensive?” Great question. Part of it is the standards to which firearms like LMT, Colt and Knights are made. Parts aint parts. These parts are made to go to war, and work when it is snowing or there is a sand storm or you are in the mud. Another is testing and innovation and trial and error and fixing the error. Do you or I need this level of quality? Nope. We take our rifles to the range, and we enjoy our firearms and clean them and show them off. But, if you want that piece of history, and legacy that you can be proud of, then you pay for it. Ferrari and Nisan Leaf both take you to the mall. If you cannot afford the Ferrari, you still look, don’t you?

With a Mk18 Mod0, you are buying a military weapon and a piece of history, and even legacy to tell your children, “this is the shit that killed Osama bin Laden and f-er’s.” I think. Maybe it was an M4A1. I dunno, but the Mk18 was there. :)

What we have done with this offering is also provide you with some options. My son built a 1969 Camaro with his grandfather. (There was a generation skip in car aptitude). He told me that he wants to keep at true to the spirit of the design as possible, but where there are improvements, like better suspension and better brakes and wheels, he is improving and taking the modern approach. The same is true with the clone replicas that we help you build at Charlie’s. There are some smart upgrades that you may wish to consider.

There are also some areas where we can help you either improve to be even more historically accurate, than LMT offers today (for example), and others where you can save money and improve quality. It is a delicate balance, and we can help you make those decisions. Ultimately, you have to decide. Just don’t buy a bubba gun with a shit barrel and tell your bud’s you have a Mk18-ish rifle. That would be like putting hubcaps on the Ferrari. We can help not make a stupid shit choice.


Standard Specifications

** Mil-spec LMT quality Flattop Upper Receiver

** LMT standard military correct “thin” profile Chrome Lined 1:7 Twist 5.56 NATO Barrel with Mil-spec SBR correct porting for suppressed and unsuppressed fire

** M4 RAS kit with vertical grip

** LMT rear sight

** mil-spec full LMT full-auto Bolt Group

** Military grade Charging Handle and Knights (KAC) ribbed rail covers

All NFA and local laws apply, please make sure you understand the law. I am not your lawyer.


   ITAR Product
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