LMT 13.5" 7.62 NATO Chrome-Lined MRP-H barrel assembly

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LMT 13.5" 7.62 NATO Chrome-Lined barrel

MWS fast replace barrel for the monolithic big bore heavy rifles MWS and MARS-H

LMT 7.62 NATO and 6.5 CM rifles with the MWS monolithic upper receiver have the ability to swap barrels.  Their unique extension allows for quick and accurate replacements.  The barrel includes low profile gas block, proprietary straight gas tube and A2 flash hider.  Ready to swap and shoot.  A2 flash hider is easily replaced with a suppressor muzzle device, if wanted.


  • MWS upper receiver compatible barrel replacement
  • 16" barrel length
  • Fully chrome lined bore and chamber, for extreme conditions and very long life
  • Durable 4150 chrome-moly-vandium steel alloy construction
  • 1:10 twist, capable of handling any weight bullet
  • 7.62 NATO chambering
  • Phosphated exterior coating
  • direct impingement gas system, optimized gas port for suppressed and unsuppressed fire
  • compatible with 7.62x51 and .308 cartridges
  • 3.18 pound weight

Note:  This barrel is only compatible with LMT heavy rifles (MARS-H and MWS)

Manufacturer's Part Number:  R-LM308B413

NSN: 1005-01-642-2355