LMT 20" 7.62 NATO Stainless Match Grade MRP-H barrel

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LMT 20"" 7.62 NATO Stainless match grade barrel - 

5R single cut rifling with 1:11.25 twist for military snipers and precision shooters

LMT 7.62 NATO and 6.5 CM rifles with the MWS monolithic upper receiver have the ability to swap barrels.  Their unique extension allows for quick and accurate replacements.  The barrel includes low profile gas block, proprietary straight gas tube and A2 flash hider.  Ready to swap and shoot.  A2 flash hider is easily replaced with a suppressor muzzle device, if wanted.

This is the most accurate LMT barrel made:  Made for the best shooters, where an inch at 500 yards means something.  The LMT 20" barrel will produce a muzzle velocity on an M118LR round around 150 fps faster than a 16" barrel, and will allow most shots to 1,000 yards without breaking the sound barrier.  Boots Obermeyer invented the 5R single cut rifling, and taught it to the guys who make that cut today.  Pretty sure that Krieger, Criterion and Bartlien are all proteges of Obermeyer.  Some say the best barrels made for the .308 are 5R single cut on stainless.  Boots made those with the same 1:11.25 twist for the US Navy on the Mk11 sniper rifle from Knights Armament and later on the first few batches of M110 sniper rifles.  Back then, LMT and KAC made each others parts, and it is no shock that KAC and LMT took Obermeyer's spec to make their sniper grade barrels.

LMT factory barrels have the LMT extension, needed for the barrel swap.

Note:  LMT makes both chrome-lined 4150 chrome-moly steel barrels and 416R stainless barrels.  The 4150 barrels are made for battle and durability, the 416R barrels are made for long distance accuracy, and the 20" is the most accurate at longer distances due to is faster velocity out of the gate and ability to shoot further before becoming transsonic.  The stainless barrels are a few hundred dollars more expensive, not due to the materials, so much as the additional time to single cut rifle the bore, verses button broaching on  the chrome-moly barrels.


  • MWS upper receiver compatible barrel replacement
  • 20" barrel length
  • 416R stainless steel, for corrosion resistance and accuracy
  • 1:11.25 twist, capable of handling any weight bullet, optimized for 168 - 175 grain
  • 7.62 NATO chambering
  • Exterior is black oxide treated
  • direct impingement gas system, optimized gas port for suppressed and unsuppressed fire
  • compatible with 7.62x51 and .308 cartridges
  • 4.06 pound weight

Note:  This barrel is only compatible with LMT heavy rifles (MARS-H and MWS)

Manufacturer's Part Number:  R-LM808B220S

photos courtesy of Guns America and LMT Defense.