Gordon Carbine 12.5" barrel with AEM collar and brake 727 - 733 from Black Hawk Down

ships from our shop in 3 to 5 days (+/-)

Gordon CAR-15 Carbine 12.5" barrel with AEM collar and brake 727 - 733 from Black Hawk Down

A reasonable good job for a Gordon - Mogadishu - Operation Gothic Serpent - Black Hawk down 727 or 733 clone

Gordon Carbine Black Hawk Down

At Charlie's we pride ourselves on getting historical military rifles and parts correct.  We have taken broad liberties on this offering, to bring you a 12-1/2" barrel, with an AEM collar made exclusively for Charlie's by Allen Engineering to correctly fit an AEM-5 suppressor.  

At some point, we want to tacke the BHD Gordon gun and other Operation Gothic Serpent guns in more correct manner.  The truth is that this is hard.  The heroes who fought in Mogadishu in 1993 were using many one of a kind weapons.  We are accelerating the process for those customers who want something close, and will correctly fit the Allen Engineering AEM-5 / Ops Inc suppressor.  This is for you.  We have engineered this barrel, collar and brake to correctly fit your AEM5 suppressor.  End of story.  You can build the CAR-15 rifle in a 727 or 733 varieth and put this barrel and it will work.

We have taken a Daniel Defense 12.5" barrel with an FSB, and have milled back the bayonet lug a little, and installed our custom made Allen Engineering collar with the standard Allen Engineering brake to bring you this barrel set.

If we take a step back in history, the actual barrel used in Operation Gothic Serpent was 14.5" Government profile barrel, with an Ops Inc suppressor that was custom made for the US Military in a very small number.  The actual design went much further back over the barrel than the Ops Inc #12, now the AEM-5, but it looked very much like the AEM-5, so most clone builders today are taking the short-cut and using the AEM5 on a 12.5" barrel, as it gives you pretty much the look.  The collar used in 1993 was a bit of a make-shift, and some may have seen the donought style collar that are being custom made today.

Our goal is to give you something close enough, and will fit the Allen Enginering AEM5 suppressor without you needing to do custome work.  It is also important, and many do not give the attention to the alignment of the AEM5 on the proper collar and brake, and the proper number of turns to make sure the suppressor is properly mounted.  We have done all that homework for you.  Is is perfect?  Not at all.  But until we get the proper suppressor built, this is pretty darn close.

Included is a turn-key barrel with all the attachments you would expect of a replacement barrel, and the AEM brake and thread protector.  Ready for you to install into a miltary grade upper receiver and military grade plastic handguards.  You need to be using a quality milspec receiver and handguards.  Colt, LMT, FN, Daniel Defense, BCM, CMMG, Rock River, Precision Reflex all should work fine, as well as many others.  Billet uppers and inexpensive forgings, Aero Precision, not so much.  Those might be great with another gun and barrel.  Same with the handguards. Colt, FN, LMT and Double Star are all good candidates.

The Gordon Barrel Kit includes:

  • 12.5" CHF Chrome Lined phosphated barrel, either Daniel Defense or Criterion with 1:7 twist and 5.56 NATO or .223 Wylde chamber with precision installed front sight post*
  • Barrel nut is included (not in the picture, as the picture was staged as a prototype)
  • Front round handguard cap (not in the picture as the picture was a staged prototype) 
  • Allen Engineering collar, custom made for Charlies and installed
  • Allen Engineering standard muzzle break with thread protector (thread protector not shown in photographs), properlying timed and installed

*front sight posts are nothing for an amateur to install.  Ours are installed skilled barrel smiths either at Daniel Defense factory, or we send to Compass Lake Engineering to do a perfect installation.

Suppressor is optional and not part of the package, but shown for illustrative purposes:  AEM5 Suppressor

for futher reading, see Recoil Web's Guns of Black Hawk Down

photos courtesty of Potomac Armoy, Recoil Web and Columbia Pictures