LaRue 12.5" Stainless Stealth Barrel - 5.56 Government / Gordon Profile

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LaRue 5.56 Stainless Stealth Barrel - 12.5"

LaRue button broached and chambered barrel, custom profiled to Government profile for AEM5

This is a custom profiled highly accurate barrel, which will accept an Allen Engineering AEM5 suppressor, with the proper collar and brake.

At Charlie's, we are barrel snobs.  And, we know that LaRue makes very good barrels.  We were at working looking for good barrels to use for our Gordon C7 upper receiver project, and happened upon this setup.  The barrel is chambered and drilled (button broached) by LaRue Tactical in Stainless Steel with a .223 Wylde chamber and a 1:8 twist.  We then sent the barrels to Compass Lake Engineering, and had them profile the barrel to accept our M4 collar and AEM brake, to allow the use of an AEM5 suppressor, if desired.  We decided not to attach a standard A-frame front sight base, as the end user may wish to actually use this barrel with a free floating rail.  

So, how cool is that?  Now, we have a highly engineered 12.5" LaRue stainless barrel, which can be used as any highly accurate barrels, or you can attach a collar and brake, and have a "Gordon style" upper receiver with a low profile gas block.  You could even run a longer rail and have the AEM5 under the rail, if you wanted.  We are giving you ideas and choices.  What you will have a is great barrel that shoots better than almost any 12.5" barrel out there, and capable of using and AEM5 suppressor, with standard hardware. *

Now, you do not have to use this with standard Gordon / AEM hardware, but you can.  You may wish to run with Daniel Defense rail or a Noveske upper and lower.  Let your imagination go wild.  Build your rifle around the barrel.


  • LaRue factory button broached and chambered barrel
  • Custom profiling by Compass Lake Engineering (CLE)
  • .223 Wylde chambering, 1:8 twist, stainless barrel, Government profile
  • 12.5" length; 1/2"-28 thread; 11 degree crown
  • tapered with ledge for a Charlie's M4 custom Allen Engineering collar
  • 0.75" gas journal
  • fits Allen Engineering brake
  • M4 feedramps
  • Precision gas port

* standard hardware needed to fit an AEM5 suppressor: