Allen Engineering "Ops Inc. #12" Brake / Mount


Allen Engineering "Ops Inc. #12" Brake / Mount

this is the mount for any Ops Inc / Allen Engineering Suppresor that is direct threaded, like the Mk12 AEM-5

Allen Enginnering authentic brake.  There are fakes out there.  This is the real deal.  Charlie's is a big fan of Ron Allen's work, and we will only stock.  You might be surprised how many big name rifle makers produce a Mk12-ish rifle and use a knock-off brake.  Why risk it?  The alignment of an AEM suppressor is very important, as the tollerances are very tight between the collar and the brake.  Make sure your investment in an AEM suppressor is warranted by the manufacturer by buying AE brake mounts.

The AEMB is the standard muzzle brake mount for all the non thread mount AE suppressors. This mount is 2 1/8" long and can be pinned and welded to make 16" OAL on 14.5" barrels.

Note:  This is only the mount.  You will also need a thread protector.

Manufacturer's Model AEMB