Criterion AR-15 CORE Series Carbine Gas Barrels .223 Wylde - 10.5"/11.5"/12.5"

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Criterion AR-15 CORE Series Carbine Gas Barrels .223 Wylde - 10.5"/11.5"/12.5"

Criterion CORE Series Carbine Barrels: Precision, Performance, and Reliability

When it comes to firearms, every component plays a crucial role in ensuring accuracy, reliability, and performance. The Criterion CORE Series Carbine Barrels stand out as a testament to this principle. Designed with the tactical shooter in mind, these barrels are engineered to perfection, offering a blend of features that cater to the most demanding shooting scenarios.

Now, at Charlie's, we have to be honest.  We are barrel snobs.  We belive that the gun defines the mission, and the barrel defines the gun.  On an AR15, the barrel you choose will be the rifle you build around.  We also have a good familiarity with Criterion, and they are one of a handful of great barrel makers.  The CORE line is perfect for a short barreled AR, although, this line comes with a 0.625" gas journal, which is thinner than most.

Features that Shine:

  • Modern Continuous Taper Profile: Eliminates variations in diameter, ensuring consistent harmonics and heat dissipation.
  • Optimal Weight Distribution: Redistributes steel around the chamber, enhancing balance and handling.
  • Chrome-Lined Interior: Offers superior barrel life and resistance to corrosion.
  • .223 Wylde Chamber: Capable of firing both .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO ammunition with precision.
  • Precision-Machined Barrel Extension: Comes with M4 feed ramps for reliable feeding and extraction.


The Story Behind the Barrel:

Tactical shooters often face challenges with traditional barrel profiles. Issues with weight distribution, balance, and handling can hinder performance, especially during prolonged shooting sessions.

Imagine being in a high-stakes tactical scenario. Every shot counts. But your rifle's barrel isn't up to the mark. It heats up quickly, affecting accuracy. The weight feels off, making it cumbersome to maneuver. These issues can be the difference between success and failure.

Enter the Criterion CORE Series Carbine Barrels. Designed to address the specific needs of tactical shooters, these barrels are a game-changer. The modern continuous taper profile ensures consistent harmonics and uniform heat dissipation. The redistributed steel around the chamber adds weight where it's needed most, moving the balance closer to the body for increased control. Whether you're using modern accessories like LPVOs, lights, suppressors, or lasers, the CORE Series maintains a light and fast front end, ensuring better handling and speed. And with its chrome-lined interior, you can trust its durability and longevity, even during the hardest use.

The Criterion CORE Series Carbine Barrels are not just another component; they are a testament to precision engineering and a commitment to excellence. Whether you're a tactical shooter or someone who demands the best out of their equipment, these barrels promise to deliver on every front.


Profile Modern Continuous Taper
Interior Lining Chrome
Chamber .223 Wylde
Gas System Compatibility AR15 Carbine Length Gas Tubes
Barrel Twist 1:8 / 6-Groove
Barrel Rifling Button broached
Gas Block Journal Diameter    0.625”
Muzzle Thread Pitch 1/2×28 TPI
Finish Chrome-lined, Phosphate
Compatibility Various muzzle devices and suppressors